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    Hi Everyone!
    I just don't know where to turn. I had my heart attack and stent 3/18/06 and keep going downhill...the fibro is terrible....I keep feeling like something else has to be wrong...24-7 severe joint pain and muscle pain and I am so deconditioned from being so sedentry...I barely ambulate just getting around in the house and walking just a few feet in agony and have to sit. I've had cat scan and mri to rule out ms. I am now breaking out in itchy red rash from the plavix I've been on for a year...Dr was going to take me off but changed mind cause I still get chest pain and discomfort but I honestly don't know if its heart related or from fibromyalgia and coschrondritis...yesterday for the first time I had a weird like electrical shock going from my left shoulder thru center chest out of nowhere just grabbed me and my shoulder joint had a deep deep ache but then again I always ache in all my joints so I don't know what to think. Is it really normal 24-7 for years and years to suffer the constant pain and burning and stiffness...I just can't take it...tried everything. I am on celebrex since 1999 and vicodin have tried muscle relaxers; xanax before bed only...also take crestor plavix synthroid celebrex toprol xl aspirin and have tried numerous others. Sorry for this all there is to look forward to day in day out. I will be 60 in Nov. and still dealing with Mom with alzheimers, too. I am so tired of not having a life and staying in everyday except to go to Drs. I would give anything to be able to function as I did back 10-12 yrs ago! Thank You to all for listening.
    Love and Hugs

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