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    I just posted this on the Lupus Board, as the topic of low GFR had been discussed previously in Dec. Any experience with this out there?

    My labs were just sent via mail from my rheumatologist, and the metabolic panel all looked good except my GFR, which was circled and noted as low at 49 (normal noted to be above 60). This stuff is scary.

    Anyone have any input on the GFR? Also, does a low GFR to nausea and headaches?

    Thanks for any help with this ...
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    Still need help, please ...
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    What did we ever do without the internet and Google? I did the research and found all kinds of info, but am desperate to find anyone who may have experience with the low numbers (and the kidney damage) to find out what other tests are going to be ordered (what to expect) or if the symptoms that I'm having now with the nausea, SOB, dizziness, and chest pain, are to be expected with the problems. I guess someone to identify with ...

    As I stated, the glomular filtration rate (GFR) was low at 49 (with normal above 60). The CBC results are really "whacked" causing me to wonder about correlation to kidney function, etc.

    WBC 7.0 WNL (WNL = within normal limits)
    GRA 62.4 # 4.5 WNL
    LYM 31.2 # 2.1 WNL
    MON 6.4 / #.4 (low) 2-8 / # 1.0 – 3.0

    RBC: 3.85 (low) 4.20 to 5.40 WNL
    HGB: 12.3 WNL
    HCT: 36.9 (low) 37.0 – 47.0 WNL
    MCV: 96 WNL
    MCH: 31.9 (high) 29.1 – 31.1 WNL
    MCHC: 33.2 (low) 34.8 – 37.8 WNL
    RDW: 12.5 WNL
    PLT: 389 (high) 228 – 278 WNL
    MPV: 7.1 (low) 9.0 – 12.0 WNL

    Looked up GFR and other information and found Stages and Labs

    Stage Description Glomerular Filtration Rate GFR)

    1 Kidney damage (protein in the urine) and normal GFR More than 90
    2 Kidney damage and mild decrease in GFR 60 to 89
    3 Moderate decrease in GFR 30 to 59
    4 Severe decrease in GFR 15 to 29
    5 Kidney failure (dialysis or kidney transplant needed) Less than 15

    I tried to call my rheumatologist today but he's out for about 2 weeks. I requested Dr. Berry’s nurse to ask the other rheumy in with Dr. Berry’s office if I might start the Prednisone back to 5 mg to lessen symptoms, but haven't received any word. I left work early today, 2:30 PM, to come home.

    My next scheduled visit with my rheumatologist isn't until next May. Today, I’m feeling really bad still with:

    URI symptoms (probably still from my cold),
    Dry eyes,
    Some dizziness again
    Fever – body hot all over and face very flushed (comes and goes),
    Miserable Fatigue, and
    Pain when taking deep breaths (no real chest congestion).

    Haven't heard back from the doctor ...


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