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    Thanks so much toyou and everyone else who has supported me throughout this ordeal. This has been the lowest point in my life. But, sometimes it takes weaknesses to bring out strengths.

    I will probably write a book after this experience.(JOKE).

    Our finances have gone out the window. We are only concentrating on the necessities, lights, heat, water, phone, home and etc. Please do not forget the doctor and hospital bills along with the medicines.

    Although I believe my lawyer knew what was going on before hand, he did not tell me directly. I will always believe he knew, even though he could not do anything about it. One thing i can say is that the report they sent to the appeals council is well written and true. What i couldn't understand is that they had testing results, surgeries and paper documents to support my claim.

    I have refiled my application. Who knows how that will take to get a response to.

    To all that has never had brachial neuritis, you do not know what you are missing. The worst pain ever. You just have to learn to live and deal with it. I do have better doctors now.

    Last but not least, the mortgage company did someting they were not supposed to do. I had to get up thousands of dollars to keep my home. When i reviewed the paperwork from them, i say a lot of extra money that could not be accounted for. When i inquired about it, it was money they had me pay extra just in case i fall behind again. my husband and I had already decided and worked out our financial plan. It was not right for them to make me pay months in advance regardless of the situation.

    But first things first. At some point and time it willed be looked into. My focus is elsewhere right now.

    again thanks for caring. Will keep you and everyone else posted. this has been one @#*& of a learning experience.