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    hey giggle thankyou so much, id like very much to become friends!!! im on almost everynite . some weekends we go to the coast, so im not on but we only go 1-2 times every few months . its only 2hrs w/ the RV -oh how i love the ocean you?? i cant wait till summer i feel so much better when its warm out you? weve been just going and leaving the kids home, so its just hubby, ISABELLA my minpin/chihuahua 9 month puppy and me& THE FIBRO i talk like its a person or something dont i. like a monkey on our backs except monkeys are so cute. sorry im rambling my meds are hitting me. well hope to hear from you soon ,if youd like. sure be nice to have another friend to talk to, you??? GOD BLESS-BLKKAT
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    Hey there girl! so good to see you. I was just checking the boards before I pop into bed. I was so surprised to see a message with my name on!!!he he. I am glad to hear that you are getting away to the coast, you lucky girl, you will have to take me with you in your thoughts. I use to be a california girl until I moved to Kansas in the end of my 5th grade year. What a culture shock, but now I am in Kansas city with hubby and a teenager that is left at home. I am sure you have a blast with you puppy when you go out on your drives. I am not sure I know what exact breed that is. I will have to ask my hubby, he is a Vet. Whatever breed I am sure you are getting warm snuggles and wiggly waggly puppy dog tails in your face and lots of licks to!
    I totally understand taking about Fibro as a person,it takes on it's own identity doesn't it, it feels as though it over shadows us and consumes our being most day's. After 2o years of this and the other stuff I have, I am wondering if there is any of the old me still left inside this body.This was a horrible christmas and since it came and went again and I decided I could not go through one more of them the same way, I have picked myself up by my bootstraps and am tring to again beat the pavement and find some answers. My hubby has been the one who has kept our family going,but he is not an encourager or or great emotional support and so it takes all I can muster to keep going and not give up and to try to encourage myself to keep hope, faith and keep tring to find a better quality of life.
    How wonderful that you have an RV..what a blessing. Wow! now that is a good idea, maybe my husband and I can do that later. That would be ideal for us to get out with my enviromental illness. I could still see some of the world but yet stay within my safe enviroment. I am like you and I am looking forward to spring, I am anxious to plant some happy flowers like pansy's and snapdragons. I can make the outside of our home look like a dream and many must think we have an ideal life, but inside it is anything but.
    I am busy tring a different treatment this it is going out on a limb.IT is not comfortable and It will take my courage to go the next 3 day's. I can tell you more later.
    Love the name of your pup...ISABELLA is cute! wish we could find a more private way to talk. we will have to figure out something. I would love to see a pic of her and I could send you some to. It will be great to be friends.
    I hope you are feeling better? are you??? keep the corners of your mouth turned up and will make you smile even if you feel like frowning. Hope you can laugh at yourself. I have no trouble laughing at myself...
    Well have a great Wednesday ok!
    Talk to you later
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