Ginger root and turmeric

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dollinitup, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. dollinitup

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    I am trying to look into these 2 things as a pain relief alternative. My Pa pain and Bursitis pain are both out of control.

    I am taking a weekly injection of Methotrxate(excuse my sp)
    I take Vicodin at bedtime and ultram during the day when I just can't go anymore.

    Nothing is helping much.

    anyway, I am somewhat overwhelmed with all there is to read on the net about these two herbs. You know how hard it is to learn and remember anything when all you can think about is pain. This is where I am right now.
    I was wondering if anyone could/would just give me a starting point.

    Is one better then the other, should they be taken together? fresh actual root etc.or capsules? you know that type of thing.
  2. hi all,

    i havent tried turmeric,but i am using raw ginger root.

    i cut a 2 inch piece of the root,and soak it in boiled water for 20 mins,then i drink the water.ive been doing this for a few months now.just once a day.

    i had read that ginger root is good for people with fibromyalgia,as it helps with inflamation.

    since ive been drinking the ginger root juice,ive had no bouts of vomiting at all.i used to get migraines bad,and vomiting too,but thats all stopped now.

    a interesting thing happened to me doctor ran alot of blood tests to try and find out why ive lost so much weight.

    all the blood tests came back with nothing abnormal that was great news.

    but i was extrememly happy to find that my cholestrol result was usually is high,and i was affraid i might be made to go on cholestrol lowering drugs.

    anyway,it turns out that alls could the ginger root be resposible for lowering my cholestrol? im not taking anything else.

    or could it be because ive lost alot of weight?.

    take care,fran
  3. harboreen

    harboreen Member

    Thanks for the tip about the ginger water... but you left a few things up in the air... two questions for you.
    1.)How much water do you use?
    2.)Once the water boils do you put the ginger in then boil for twenty minutes,
    turn water off at the boiling point then soak the ginger for twenty minutes?

    I understand very well how chronic pain can be overwhelming.
  4. hi all,

    i cut a 2 inch piece of ginger root,and take off the peel.

    i put the ginger root into a small coffee cup.i will boil water in the kettle,and then pour the boiled water over the ginger root,that is in the coffee cup.

    leave the ginger to soak in the cup for about 20 mins.then it will have gone cold,and you just drink the water.

    id say that the amount of water that im putting into the cup is roughly like putting water into a egg cup.

    ive just measured the amount of water i use and its 2 fluid ounce.

    sometimes i might leave the ginger soaking in the water for over a hour,and the stronger taste doesnt bother me at all.

    take care,love fran
  5. RENA0909

    RENA0909 New Member

    I use ginger and garlic EVERY day!!Yummy.I have not had a headache/migriane for years.Nor a cold or flu.I really believe that it helps me.OK I may stink.......but I feel good lol.

    I sometimes chop garlic/ginger and mix with lemon juice and olive oil for my salad dressing.Or I just steam them with my veg or cook in oil and add to almost anything!!!

    Also use lots of herbs like cumin/paprika/tumeric/cinnamon/chilli they are supposed to be realy good for us as well and I think spicy food is very healthy.

    I have never thought about it helping me with the pain but I do know that I am not in as much pain as I used to be???

    Maybe I will try not using it for a while and let you know!!!!

    Try using them and see how you go.At least you food will taste yummy !!!!!!


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