Ginger root baths

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tlayne, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. tlayne

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    I recently remembered taking ground ginger root baths. I would take it right before bedtime, and with the temperature as hot as I could tolerate. It helps pain, relieves sore muscles, helps you to sleep, relaxes, and detoxifies.

    I used to buy it from a health food store (I think by the pound), but I haven't seen it lately. Does anyone else use this, and where do you buy it? Hugs, Tam
  2. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    When I was doing acupuncture last winter, I suddenly started wanting to take long baths with weird stuff in the water: lemon, molasses (the most relaxing thing I ever used in there), baking soda mixed with glycerine, and ground ginger. Turns out my hunches were pretty good: the things I was using were medicinal.

    Ground ginger seems to work fine, and it's easy to use. You can get it at the grocery store in the spice section or in bulk at some health food stores. If you put enough in the bathwater, it makes your skin tingle.

    Once I went too far. I made one of my bath pastes (goey mixtures I'd smear myself all over with) using a lot of ground cinnamon. It felt fine till I got it on my face. First it stung - then it burned! I turned red as a beet and stayed that way long after the bath was over.

    ((splish splash)) Shannon :)
  3. victoria

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    How much did you use in an average sized bathtub? and did you use it in conjunction with epsom salts or anything else???

    I did find taking ginger in capsules helped to up my body temp in wintertime which was great; but, I have a duodenal ulcer that can get kicked up by it :((

    all the best,

  4. EllenComstock

    EllenComstock New Member

    I've been using ginger capsules to help with my nausea problem and it is really helping. It would be expensive to buy it in small quantities in the grocery store. I would think a health store would be the best place to check. Are there any other health stores in your area you could call and check?

    I didn't realize that ginger can also help with other health problems. That's interesting. Thanks for the info.

  5. kbak

    kbak Member

    Hi Tam,
    You can buy in bulk from Mountain Rose Herb. I'm going to have to try that. Sounds good.

    Take care,


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