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  1. Tiki

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    Does anyone out there suffering from CFS also suffer from recurrent gingivitis, and what treatment, if any, seems to help?
  2. Tiki

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    Does anyone out there suffering from CFS also suffer from recurrent gingivitis, and what treatment, if any, seems to help?
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    Twenty-five percent of the population at large over the age of 35 suffer some form of gum disease. Most of the problems can be avoided by careful cleaning of the teeth, gums, tongue and other areas of the mouth, including the roof of the mouth.

    Take at least two minutes to brush in small circular movements, not back and forth. Use a soft brush and do not get overly aggressive when brushing. Using a Water Pik with some Listerine and warm water will clean out debris wedged between teeth and under the gumline, even after flossing. You can buy a rubber-tipped gum stimulator which you run along the gum line and press the tip in between the teeth and against the gum. You can use the whole thing to rub gums and stimulate circulation in the gum tissues. This will cause you to drool.

    If you want to use Plax before brushing, it will make your toothpaste more foamy and will leave your teeth feeling very slick and clean. It probably won't improve your dental health, but it will make brushing more pleasant which will cause you to want to brush better.

    Finally, there is a toothbrush called the hyG which can be ordered online. It has a tiny battery in the handle. You place your finger on a metal band on the handle when you brush. It creates a very low-frequency current which changes the polarity of the teeth and other mouth surfaces which allows placque to be more easily removed. I've been using one for years, and my checkups are great.

    We are even more prone to dental problems than "normal" people. Some of it is because our bodies lack some vital elements and some can be caused by medication which produces a condition called, dry mouth.

    Love, Mikie
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    A patent by the pharmaceutical company Sepracor

    discloses that concentrations of fluorides from fluoridated toothpastes and mouthwashes activate G proteins in the oral cavity, thereby promoting gingivitis and periodontitis, as well as oral cancer. Incomprehensibly, this vital information is being withheld from the public by all parties involved, including the company, at least two well-known Universities, and numerous oral disease experts. This includes a much-decorated ADA scientist who was involved in setting the CDC recommendations for fluoride intake in children, served as head of a Food and Drug Administration subcommittee that decides which dental products to make available to the public, and who chaired the panel on safe use of fluoride for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC, 2001).
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    Mikie did a fantastic job of the exact regimine my soon to be 80 yr old father and mother use and they have their teeth; I am not so fortunate.

    I am right now awaiting continued testing of my diabetes to see if I can sustain healing for an implant and some bone reconstruction of my lower mandible!! I had a partial for years but I lost to abysess two and one held the partial in place! And keeping an eye on those nasty anticholenergenics we all take from time to time do cause dry mouth, as do some other conditions we are subject to.

    Waste no time finding out all you can; my son gets his teeth cleaned by a dental hygeinist (sp) every six months due to his treatment for asthma.

    For me presently my mouth is a nightmare due to complications of diabetes! Good luck! CactusLil'
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    ...not only do meds make our mouths dry & promote gingivitis, FM & CFS people naturally are prone to sicca syndrome; everything's dry (eyes, mouth, etc.)! There are some things my dentist recommended such as special toothpastes & chewing gums designed to produce more saliva, which helps reduce the tendancy for gingivitis to develop. Good luck....

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    I have been having trouble lately with my teeth being real sensitive, they seem to feel as if they are really caked with plaque but but I am really dilligent in my cleaning & flossing, so lately I have been brushing with baking soda, I just put a little tiny bit of toothpaste on the brush & a lot of baking soda. It really help to clean them better than toothpaste, if they feel really clean to me then I am less bothered, I clench & all that too. I used to get them cleaned every 4 months but back in the days of having a wonderful career I could do that, ins only pays every 6 months so I had to reschedule, we have to watch every dime now as I can no longer work so that was one luxury I could go without. I use listerine a lot also, tastes icky but is good for our oral hygiene.