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    Hi dear,

    I hope you see this, can you all keep this bumped for her? Ginny we MUST set a time to meet in chat. I am up some at night let me know, I will check back.

    I just saw your message. I have been out of state to see my daughter and her family for 9 days. Sorry not to have seen you later.

    What are you looking for in a doctor? You are in Yakima aren't you?

    Who are you using, did you say you found someone you like?

    I use doctor K. Scott Reinmuth over in Naches which is about a 25 minute drive for us from west valley here, but he believes in fibro (even though I am not sure he understands a lot of it) , is willing to write me scripts for Ultram and Percocette (which I alternate depending on pain level.) He is easy to get into, usually that day or tne next when I need to see him.

    He is easy to talk to and a good listener and never rushes me. I love his new nurse Donna, she is a sweetie and will always call me right back.

    Gosh it is too bad that we cannot know how to contact each other here in town. Are we still allowed to meet on chat and exchange email addys or not? If so, how can we arrange a time?

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    Hi Blue, believe it or not I just found your post today. I would love to meet, I don't know if its allowed , but I am going to give you my e-amil address and hopefully you can contact me. Contact me if you can, I know you said you are on the internet late at night, and I can talk until about nine most weeknights, I have an office in my home and go to work at 5 in the morning so I can't keep late hours except for weekends.
    Would love to chat with you. I have found a different doctor and would like to tell you about him.
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