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    Title (Gotta Pee)

    Two Best friends who were loving, and faithful wifes, who hardly ever got to go out without their husbands,,,

    Decided it was time to go ,,so They got all Dressed up and Headed out for the Evening,,,,,,Having a great time going from place to place,,,until it was time to return Home,,

    They Decided to Walk home due to the amount of Alchohol they Had consumed,,,On the way the first wife said "Man i Gotta Pee"

    "So do i" said 2nd wife,,,They Came upon a Cemetary and Decided that would be a great place to "go" The first gal said "Oh Darn theres nothing to wipe with"

    So She decided to use her panties since they were cheap cotton,,,,She took them off and wiped,,,,The second wife said "My panties coast way to much to use them for Toilet paper!"

    so as Luck would have it she was going near a wreath with a ribbon attached to it and that's what she used,,,,,,The Next Day they were still in bed with Hangovers when the first husband got very concerned and called the 2nd husband and said

    "Ted I'm Worried" Janet Came Home with out any underware on,,,,,,"That's Nothing " said Ted "Lisa came Home with a card Stuck to her Bottom that said "Thanks so much for all you did for us" "We will Never Forget you" ,,,,,,,,,Signed,,"The Local Fire Department"
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    Could have happened to any of us !

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