Give Me A Grateful Heart, Lord

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    Give Me A Grateful Heart, Lord

    Give me a grateful heart, Lord,
    For each small favor granted,
    As years unfold, may I behold
    Life, still, through eyes enchanted.

    Let me find beauty in all things,
    Not to be blind to see
    The goodness in my fellowman,
    That he would find in me.

    Grant that my ears remain attuned,
    To hear the smallest sigh,
    And may I lead a gentle touch,
    To those less sure than I.

    Let me remember lessons learned,
    To profit from the past,
    And may I build a bridge of dreams,
    That shall forever last.

    Let me rejoice in simple things,
    I need no wealth to buy,
    The scent of pine upon the wind,
    A burnished copper sky.

    Scarlet roses on the fence,
    Sunrise through the trees -
    Oh, Grant that I may not outgrow
    Affinity for these!

    Give me a grateful heart, Lord;
    Let me be satisfied,
    When days are less than sunny,
    And plans lie at low tide.

    Life is an adventure,
    That will lead to who knows where,
    So, give me a grateful heart, Lord,
    That I may always care.

    - Author Unknown -
  2. CJ-Tex

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    I don't know where you come up with all these gems but I am so glad you do!

    In faith,
    C J
  3. Cactuslil

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    A grateful Heart, a blessing true;
    came to me with time.
    A hardened heart, worldly success
    came to make me blue.

    I laid it down one day and slowly, with time;
    a blessing came unexpectantly
    and with that a grateful heart,
    for me, blessings....time after time.

    A grateful heart, what a thrill
    to learn the lesson of love;
    with grateful heart, I've learned to love
    just as He said it would be...

    I walk a path much differently now
    since learning of godly sorrow;
    As I spance the sky, knowing why
    looking forward to that day;

    With grateful heart
    I shall depart
    with meek & contrite spirit
    and bow and pray and think of the day
    ...I received a grateful heart.

    CactusLil' 31Oct2002. To William.