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  1. aaron19

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    Do you think you've had this illness your whole life, and that it decided to come out at a certain time?

    If you don't think so, give the age you think it started.

    Can tell me about why you think it started too?

    (i.e.) I had strep meningetis when I was two that nearly killed me, and am starting to think that is what changed my life.

    Thank you! --Aaron--
  2. ksp56

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    I'm not sure when I got this DD. I had severe leg cramps as a child, but otherwise pretty healthy.

    I had a 'mono like' virus in 1988,age 32. Swollen glands (like I have periodically now), severe fatigue, etc. I told my family afterwards, that I have never felt the same since. I was dx'd with breast cancer in 1998, age 41. Went thru chemo and radiation and of course had fatigue due to that. I believe the stress of that disease, slowly started fibro progression, but blamed it on what I had gone through with the cancer.

    It hit me HARD, last fall, age 46. My Dad was dying and I was care taking along with my Mom. I had my first flare in January and several since then. My Dad died in early June, and I had a major flare soon afterward. I had pushed myself for months. Between that and my grief, it hit with a vengence.

    So this is my story....... It will be interesting to see what others post!

    How are you doing Aaron?



  3. Hinemoa

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    when I was pregnant with my fifth child, which miscarried. Four pregnancies and four miscarriages later my muscles started tearing while I was working the weight machines at the gym. Then I came down with an unexplained fever of 104.

    Next year I had a serious attack of what the doctor thought was influenza and 'walking pneumonia' and I never got better. I got the pneumonia back five years in a row and still get it from time to time. I've picked up a few other chronic auto-immune illnesses along the way but I have plateaued and if I watch my limits I do fairly well.

    I used to be very active and very healthy but there was a lot of stress to deal with.

    I want to stress that all this started for me when I was in my early are still very young and your chances of, if not complete recovery, at least much improved health are very, very good.

    You know Aaron, if you click on a person's name when they post you will bring up their profile and many have written their CFS/FM histories there.

    Much love and luck to you,

  4. Dara

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    it would come and go. When I was in high school I had a very severe case of staph infection. After that I had what I now believe to be a major flare for several months. Then after that it would come and go but still didn't stop me from working and being very active. What really did me in for the constant flaring that I now have was exposure to molds at the place where I worked. That and pushing myself too hard all the time, it all finally caught up with me.

    Also, I do believe that it is genetic. My Mother, Grandmother, and now my youngest daughter also have it.

  5. HuggyMummy

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    I honestly believe I've had FMS+/CFS since I was 6. Believe, for me at least, it's genetic, and then triggered by a series of head injuries and childhood infections I had when I was 6. Every thing happened that year and I've definately not been the same since. FMS pain and CFS fatigue etc slowly worsened whilst in flares/relapses over the years; still 'functionning' at about 90% when not 'flaring'/'relapsing' but when I am flaring I guess am down to 50%, which I know is a LOT better than some.

    How has yr dx progressed over the years?

    Would be V interested to hear other people's stories.

  6. Betsy2

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    I think I may have gotten it after a bout with mono around nine years old. Ever since then my immune system has not been the same. Then again, it could have been when I was delirious with fever and had strep. Don't recall how old I was when I had strep and the delirium fever
  7. annetteg1969

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    Aaron I love the name I named my son Aaron! Anyway I believe I first saw the symptons of Fibromylgia the day I got the Birth control Norplant in my arm.It has been taken off the market now but I remember the day after I had it put in I could hardly walk the next day(it's inserted into one arm)I have been feeling lousy ever since and that was about 10 years ago.Weird huh? I was just diagnoised a couple of months ago.Take care and hang in there! From Annette G
  8. fullarmor

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    When I was 13 I fell on my head and blacked out for a few minutes. Since then i've have terrible migraines. In late high school/early college I started with bad restless leg syndrome. When I was 23 I was in an accident and hit my head on the steering wheel. When I was 26 I was in another accident where I injured a disc in my neck (bulging). I started having the pain and fatigue right after I turned 27, a little over a year after my accident. I think my accident triggered what may have been in my body for a long time. Wish I really knew for sure.
  9. aaron19

    aaron19 New Member

    I do believe it is genetic too, then triggered by something.

    But my fibromyalgia just seems to progress and progress and get worst ever since it started 2 years ago =(

    I'm 18 right now and it feelsl like it just gets worse.
  10. Megster

    Megster New Member

    I had a stricture in either my urinary tract or my ureter (don't know which for sure) as an infant that was flushing all the poisons back into my system. Unfortunately, the pediatrician didn't believe my mom that something was wrong, and by the time she finally sought a second opinion (somewhere around 6 months), the new pediatrician took one look at me and said "I don't know what's wrong with this baby, but you get her to the hospital RIGHT NOW, and I'll meet you there!!!, closing down her office for the day so she could take care of me. Anyway, by that time I had several severe viral infections, double pneumonia, and salmonella on top of it all. Needless to say, after the stabilization and surgery to correct the stricture, my immune system was shot, and I don't think it ever really recovered. I even had to go in for Immunoglobulin shots for some period of time, enough that my mother said my first words were "NO DOCTOR!!!! at the top of my lungs, while she was trying to get me into the car for the fourty mile trip to the hospital. Unfortunately, some of this history was lost, as my mother died when I was 19, and my father doesn't remember it very well.

    Anyway, I continued to have lots of health problems (upper resp infections WAY too frequently, asthma, allergies, etc.) and was labeled by all but my pediatrician as a hypochondriac, although I must admit there were a few times that I played it worse than it was, but mostly no one could believe that anyone could be that sick that often. This continued until 1996, when I sustained a brain injury that left me unable to work for about two years, but again, the doctors dismissed the symptoms I had as being depression and malingering when I didn't recover on their time schedule. My supervisor introduced me to a strain of blue-green algae, along with some other natural heath boosters that I sincerely believe significantly improved my immune system (unfortunately, I just can't afford them right now), as I stopped getting frequent URI's, asthma's all but disappeared, as had allergies (coming back now that I haven't been taking it for almost a year).

    Anyway, after they cut off Workers Comp (sustained the injury at work), I pushed and pushed myself way beyond what I believe any "normal" person would to get back to work as an RN, and succeeded to some extent, but at an enormous cost to my mental and physical well being, but no doctors had any answers as to why I was having such a hard time, so I just kept pushing. Then in February of 2001, my older brother completed suicide, and this through me into a very big downward cycle, but it also gave me the permission I needed to stop pushing myself so hard, and stop working as a nurse, though I continued to work part time, again pushing myself harder than I should have.

    The way I actually got the diagnosis was quite a shock, and I was already applying for SSDI at the time, but I was trying Myofacial therapy, and on the script for this, the doctor I was working with wrote FM as the reason/diagnosis on the prescription for the therapy. He didn't even tell me, discuss it with me, and I didn't even notice until I actually went to the therapy. I was FURIOUS!!! How DARE he give me this dx without even discussing it with me. However, the more I learned, the more grateful I've become, because now I have a starting point from which to get better, and I also don't have to doubt myself any more that my symptoms are real, which was absolutely destroying me.

    Sorry this is so long, but thanks for giving me a place to tell my story!! I'm sorry that you have this DD, but I'm glad you don't have to go through all the self doubt about it I did, though I'm sure that doesn't make you feel any better about it. :)

  11. KLS

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    I was the first case of mon diagnosed in my home county in 1954. The pedatrician said that I would always require more rest than other children. I went thru college two kids three marriages (never said I was stable) and numerous other of life's stresses but cannot offer a clue. I did have chicken pox as an adult and almost died and within weeks contracted a strep infection but it was two years until the FM/CFS symptoms began. Someone find an answer to this and we'll all hail your praises