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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fight4acure, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Please do not forget to email and/or express your thankfulness to this website, as well as to those of us who have fought to be heard and be taken seriously with this illness.

    Also, do not forget to give thanks to the CDC, even though they are lagging behind the times, they have helped us in some ways, recently that is. There are many to thank, especially researchers who did not give up on us, and good doctors who stood by our side (if you were fortunate enough), and friends and family who did the same (if you were fortunate), and thank Donnica Moore, MD., for going on Dr. Oz, telling about CFS. Thank the gal who offered her story to the whole world to see on Dr. Oz, forgive me as I cannot remember her name right now. Also thank Medical Centers for finding out things about CFS/FMS. And thank all of the non-profit organizations, and the people who run them, for being so proficient in getting doctors and people educated about CFS and FMS.

    Also, please thank Dr. Oz for discussing a 15 minute segment about CFS. If you have FMS and not CFS, this is good news for you as well, because any research is great with these tough illnesses, and FMS has some strong correllations with CFS.

    I hope that you all have a great holiday, and if not, come online and join me in the chat rooms, because I will be on here mostly, on and off, especially at night.

    Thank you to all of Prohealth creators and moderators! You have stuck by us when others did not. I am tearing up just thinking about how this support group saved me! And thanks to all that participated in helping us all to get through these difficult times!

    (((((((((((((Gentle Hugs))))))))))))))))

    Fight2Educate! :)
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    LEFTYGG Member

    wow havent seen you in a long time. how are you doing. did you get your degree in social work.

    thank you for the post and your efforts gail
  3. skeptik2

    skeptik2 Member

    So glad to see you back during this exciting and hopeful time!

    Thank YOU for your efforts (for a loooong time now) towards
    educating, supporting, and most of all, fighting for us all.

    Your efforts are bearing fruit now. The seeds planted grew
    a plant that is now strong and feeding all of us with hope.

    Yes, thank you ProHealth. This site has been one of the
    strong branches of the tree of hope; may you continue to
    prosper and stay abreast of the research and treatments
    that will give us a better life in the coming years.

  4. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Hanging in there. Yes, got my degree in social work and psychology, double majored. Got my license too. Now too sore and tired to work. Go figure!

    Thanks for your efforts as well! :) We need a cure or better treatment!

    Fight2Educate! :)
  5. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Thank you! Yes, indeed OUR efforts, this site, and so many others have really pulled us through all the muck! I hope we continue to thank those who have helped, and pressure those who can help us a little more, like doctors, researchers, government, etc.

    May we continue to educate the ignorant and continue growing strong as one.

    Fight2Educate! :)
  6. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Please show appreciation to those who are helping us out!

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You are right. We all have benefited from Pro Health's site. Nowadays it
    is not only a source of info, it's pretty much my social life.

  8. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Hi! Yes, indeed! Cheers to Prohealth/Immune Support for being there for us throughout the years.


    Fight :)

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