"Give Your Life To Jesus"

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    When life seems too much to handle
    And you know not what to do
    Just look up toward the Heavens
    For He has a smile for you

    When you think that there's no answer
    When you feel you can't get through
    Just look up toward the Heavens
    And He will help you too

    When sickness makes you weary
    And you think you can't go on
    Just look up towards the Heavens
    And He will make you strong

    And when you lose a loved one
    And you wonder what went wrong
    Just turn your faith to Jesus
    For He is never gone

    He stays beside your bed at night
    He hears you when you cry
    He knows whatever fears you have
    He's always by your side

    He only wants to hear from you
    It matters not the time
    He only asks you speak His name
    And spread His word Divine

    He never will forsake you
    Like other people might
    He's given you His word on this
    He will shower you with Light

    He only asks you talk to Him
    At least once every day
    And say your prayers at nighttime
    And never stray away

    For you can talk to Jesus
    No matter where you are
    He always takes the time for you
    He cares for you so far

    So far as you believe in Him
    And know whats right from wrong
    For there is no love greater
    Than knowing you belong

    So give yourself to Jesus
    And let him lead the way
    To a life thats filled with beauty
    A life of love today

    Author Unknown