Given up on Western Medicine!!!

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  1. yvette01826

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    I havent posted before, but I cant resist.

    Im so frustrated reading all these posts. The dr.s are using us as gineau pigs. The practically admit it. They do not know what causes fms/cfs or how to remiss it. They treat each individual symptom with another drug. As you all know...the list of symptoms we have is endless. (which means the drugs we are given are endless).

    Ive had my share of Dr. feelgoods. You know, the doc that will basically keep giving you drugs til you "get the right combo". Its inhumane. The fail to tell you that you will become dependant on meds regardless if they help you much or not. Most ssris, sleep meds, pain meds, ect will give you some withdrawel regardless of weining off.(It took me over a year to wein still with months of withdrawals).

    Then theres the miracle supplements and potions. Another crock of bull. If there were a MIRACLE for fms/cfs, the drug companies would gobble it up in a second. We would all have access to it, for a fee (of course).

    On a lighter note, I do beleive in healthy ways. Also, meds if absolutely necessary. And some alternative docs and therapies. I hate to sound like such a downer. But I think the more we accept this is chronic, and with no cure (for now), the better off and less financially strained we will be.

    Now, take care of yourselves. Take your vitamins, eat right, exersize, and rest. Im off all meds, and I certainly do not feel any worse. Maybe even a bit better without all the side effects. I do take some advil when needed and herbal stuff for sleep.

    I hope I save atleast one person the financial, emotional, and pysical HELL I went though. I spent too much time and emotion looking for that miracle cure.

  2. klutzo

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    I wish I had known then what I know now......before western meds put 50 lbs. on me in two months, before SSRI's took my memory from me, before I got hooked on benzos, and went through the hell of narcotic withdrawl from Darvocet.
    I only see a holistic doctor now. I have been helped more in the last 8 wks. than in all the previous 17 yrs. of my illness.
    I am glad you figured this out early. When I first got sick, way back in 1986, alternative medicine was still considered to be far-out quackery by most people.
    We do waste SO much energy resisting this, and it is a universal law.....what you resist, persists.
    Still, when I gave up trying, I sank into depression, so I chose this as the lesser of two evils.
    I am glad you are free. My goal in life now is to be free of conventional doctors and to never have to go to one again.

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  3. Ceceliaskye

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    I am newly diagnosed with fibro, although I have had the symptoms for years. I have new prescriptions for elavil, prozac and one other muscle relaxer. I dont feel any better, in fact I feel totally out of it from these meds.. today I asked myself whether it might be smarter to stop taking them earlier on rather than risk more problems from side effects and possible addiction. I am a recovered alcoholic (10yrs) the last thing I need is to fall off that wagon. The biggest challenge with alternative medicine that I can see is finding a reliable and affordable Naturopath Physician. I dont want some one telling me that my 3rd chakra needs fine tuning and my aura is off kilter (humor)
    and when will the insurance companies get with the program and allow some alternative docs on their plans? I think success may come more from self education and self study as well as trusting ourselves to know what is good for us. I would love ro find a Doctor that would meet me half way.
  4. Shirl

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    Hi Yvette, like Klutzo I agree with you. I do disagree with the alternatives, like herbs, vitamins, supplements, etc.

    I have been around the corner too many times with the medical profession. I have a very bad stomach from meds, and it never really goes away no matter what I try now in the line of just natural.
    Relief, but no cure for the IBS. I went though hell also, to get off of sleeping pills, I can't remember the name right now, they were called; 'Redbirds' on the street! Seconal? Too tired to go look up the spelling. I was so hooked on the darn things, that I was taking 4-6 of them a night, and still was not sleeping for very long. Never again!

    I did miss out on the weight gain that Klutzo mentioned, as I am just one of those people that have little or no appetite, so the drugs did not affect me in that way, or maybe I did not take them long enough.

    But I do not take anything anymore with the exception of low dose Xanax (0.25 milligrams) at 7pm only, except if I get an occasional panic attack then I take half that dosage. This does not affect me except to calm my racing brain down so that my supplements can help me sleep.

    I will take Advil gel caps, only when the pain is unbearable, and thats not been too big of a problem in the last year and a half, when I get a Flare of the FM now, it does not last for weeks and months, but days instead.

    What did help me was taking Pro Energy (malic acid and magnesium) and ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) for deep sleep. These two supplements I will swear by and never run out of them. They have almost did away with those horrific spasms in my back and arms.

    They do help me, I am 80% better than I was a couple of years ago. I have been suffering with this now for over 20 years.

    One thing you could not shake me on, and that is we are deficient in magnesium. That is one thing we all seem to have in common.
    This is the key to getting some of your health back. It heals those torn muscles, which nothing else seems to do. It is not 'masking' the pain, it is something that is lacking in our bodies.

    I can 'hear' how angry and frustrated you are, so was I when I first came here two years ago, but I have truly gotten help on this board. I hope you stay around and hopefully you will find more help than you are getting now.

    You have already helped someone, you have Ceceliasky already rethinking what she is taking! Thats just a part of what we all can do for one another.

    I am not looking for a miracle cure, just some relief so that I can live my life that I have left in relative confort.

    I do hope they do find a cure, but I don't think it will be in my life time, but thats alright, at least these young people will benefit from it.

    Do stay around, I like your grit, you sound like a feisty lady, which I have been called all my life. Thats why I am still around pain and all.

    Shalom, Shirl

  5. GeneticDefect

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    Before Dx'd with CFIDS/FM I caught myself taking Elavil for sleep along with muscle relaxers. I would think to myself "gosh do I have a problem with addiction?" Now that I know what's wrong (somewhat) I realize I probably really needed those pills.

    I know most of you are on a helluva lot more medication that me.
  6. tansy

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    The pain was intolerable so first I wanted good relief for that but the only drugs that worked made me very ill and unable to function. My blood tests showed a viral infection, but they all just said nothing we can do for that it will go away eventualy.

    No help with sleep was given nor was help for my allergies on the NHS. In fact the only times I did get some attention it ended disasterously, seriously so.

    So I consulted other health professionals who specialised in alternative medicine, made some improvements, and until I ran out of money the results were quite impressive.

    Still carried on on my own, only my physical disability worsened but health wise I maintained the improvements for years which gave me a life I would never had had otherwise.

    I did go seriously downhill nearly 5 years ago, no help from the NHS, no money to go through the alternative channels properly, too ill to use a computer or do the right research. Used NADH to kick start things, finally got on line and started to drag my reluctant brain through the research.

    Boy am I glad I did.

    Yes what I need to do will cost me money I don't have, but not all of it's expensive, with the severity of my problems I don't see these as a choice - they're a necessity.

    I will be challenging the NHS to investigate aspects of my problems but won't hold my breath waiting.


  7. ohmyaching

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    I have always felt that drugs to alleviate the symptoms of this illness were not the way to go. They didn't solve the core problem and often created new and sometimes worse problems. I put my doctors through hell trying to get them to see this. We butt heads every time I go to see them, but then I guess they were doing the best they could with what they had.
    I've been following a diet lately that I know from past experience works to bring about a feeling of normalcy. It had it's problems, but I'm hoping I've worked them out. I believe that what I've been experiencng is estrogen dominance. My life from my early childhood allergies and frequent colds to difficult "times of the month", to endometriosis to possible gallbladder attacks reads like Dr. Lee's book, "What your doctor may not have told you about menopause". I could be the poster child for estrogen dominance. It's a great book and has shed a lot of light on why I'm feeling like I do. I've posted more of my experience with this diet under my profile.