Giving up the smokes...need support and prayers!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sumbuni, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. sumbuni

    sumbuni New Member

    Well, I started to the smoking cessation classes last week. Tomorrow is the day we give up the smokes. In a way I hate it, because I do enjoy my coffe and my smokes...I've been smoking for 36 years, and have tried everything else to give them up, but they are like old friends and I just wish they weren't so BAD for me! They cling to me and they keep coming back. And I miss them so when they aren't around!

    I left my husband because he was destroying me...I loved him so very much, and I can't imagine even 2 1/2 years later that I can live without him, but leave I did...and gone I've stayed...and I need this attitude toward my smokes.

    I'm going for a new life style, and a new life. It doesn't include poison relationships, and my smokes are just that, too!

    Please, pray for me, and tell me how I can leave this old life long friend behind!!!

    Sumbuni (going for the Gold!!)
  2. tansy

    tansy New Member

    I wish you well. Hopefully you'll get good advice.

    Bear in mind that we tend to be low on seratonin and nicotine replaces it, that's why smokes are so difficult to give up. 5htp and some foods help increase seratonin and I've posted on those recently, it may help.

    Recently 3 female friends gave up smoking together, they found patches and other nicotine replacements smoothed the ride. So far so good.


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  3. jkd7058

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    If you can give up that poisonous relationship you can give up those poisonous cigs! You CAN do it and we are behind you 100%

    Keep us up-to-date on your progress!!
  4. MJJBunny

    MJJBunny New Member

    My son smoked constantly. When he finally made up his mind to stop, he started using the patches and he followed the step down program that goes with it.

    I'm proud to say that 5 or 6 years later he still doesn't smoke. I think wanting to stop is half the goal. Be strong.

  5. debbiem31

    debbiem31 New Member

    This is a very hard thing to do and I wish you all the luck in the world. I've tried to quit too many times to count!! If you don't really, really want to quit, it won't happen. If you're quitting for anyone but you, it won't work. You have to WANT to quit for YOU! Make it a positive thing. Reward yourself. Take the money you would spend every day on smokes and put it in a vacation fund account or an IRA account! There is some massive amounts of money to be saved. My problem is, I just don't really want to quit now. My hubby and I both smoke a pack a day. It is so expensive!! $30 a carton and that's not even enough for a week!

    I've read in my herbal books that oats are especially calming and are good for quitters. So load up on the oatmeal (or maybe oatmeal cookies!) and get ready. Also drink LOTS of water. This will help flush the toxins out quicker and help keep that oatmeal going!

    One other thing is this website called WhyQuit. It has alot of great info and support. Check it out.

    Good luck to you, my friend...

  6. Alane

    Alane New Member

    You can do it!! With God's help you can do anything, just
    know we are all praying and behind you 100%.God Bless....
  7. Alane

    Alane New Member

    You can do it!! With God's help you can do anything, just
    know we are all praying and behind you 100%.God Bless....
  8. Annette2

    Annette2 New Member

    I admire anyone who gives up smoking! My mother smoked for 60 years and stopped when she turned 75 because she had breathing problems. I figure if she can quit smoking, anyone can quit smoking! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

  9. Susan07

    Susan07 New Member

    Way to go Sumbuni - one more toxic relationship out of your life and on your way to more money, easier breathing and being in control. God speed.
  10. Dara

    Dara New Member

    to quit you will do it. Hey, let me know how you do. I've smoked for a very long time, and I've wanted to quit also for a long time, so you can be my inspiration. I will be thinking of you and hoping that you succeed. Please keep all of us posted on your progress.


    PS- Just think of all the money you're going to have after you quit!!
  11. pixipip

    pixipip New Member

    I tried all sorts of things over the years, cutting down slowly,patches,gum, lozengers, hipnotherapy helped but then I want back to them,
    Finally gave up cold turkey the day I found I was pregnant with my youngest,just couldn't bare the thought of doing anything to hurt my baby. I'm sure you'll get through it, you have all the right reasons and one thing all of us here have in common is that we are all "blooming good fighters".
    I wish you well.
    Love & Light,
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I pray for you and all who are struggling with this addiction. Nicotine is my addiction, so I understand how hard it is to quit. You will never regret making this decision.

    Love, Mikie
  13. achy

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    I smoked for 30 years. I had a severe asthma attack and should be dead. Normal blood gases are 98-100%...mine dropped to 32%. But did I quit then? nope. I stopped for about 1 year then had a stressful time when I smoked again. When thiongs settled down I quit again. Every once and a while I'd smoke 1 or 2. Then I finally decided I didn't want to smoke anymore. period. I haven't smoked since.

    There comes a point where you're tired of being controlled by a cigarette. think about it. this thing the size of your pinky cotrolls your life. It occupies every thought.
    "I want a cigarette"..."I only have 2-3 cigs..need to go to the store"..."where are my cigs"...kind ironic when you think about it isn't it?

    Just keep remining yourself that not only are you hurting yourself but your family too....and you smell awful. Now that I've quit I can smell a smoker 10 feet away. It really does stink...worse than B.O. Then when you think of the $$ involved...$3 and up for a pack? Just think what else you could do with that $$!!! If you put that $$ away for a year you could go on a pretty nice vacation...or a car payment...or even better pints of hagandaz ice cream everyday!!

    You can do it. You have the power over that little stick.
    If you can deal wiht Fibro/ can deal wiht anything. Good luck & may god bless you wiht the willpower to succeed!!

    Warm fuzzies