Giving your docs Dr. Starlanyl's literature can save a lot of pain!

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    Today I had a double root canal. Last week,I had asked if he wouldn't mind if I brought some material outlining precautions that should be taken when the patient has fibromyalgia. I had quickly added that it was written by a medical doctor who has fibromyalgia herself, and that it was well written and documented. He smiled and said, "Yes."

    So this morning I showed up with the complete copies of Dr. Devin Starlanyl's pieces on information for dentists and information on what your doctors should know, the latter of which is intended for all our doctors and medical specialists.

    The next part was so satisfying! Because Dr. Starlanyl warns about the possible creation of trigger points in the jaw for fibromyalgia patients, The said not to open my mouth very wide unless he told me to do so, which he didn't do very much at all, really. He also told me to rest every chance I got - and to let him know if I needed more rest. Dr. Starlanyl tells dentist to let patients rest frequently because prolonged time with the mouth held open can create lots of excruciating pain for FMS sufferers both during the procedure and for quite a long time afterwards. She also wants dentists to do the job quickly. The dentist was careful but quick.

    This dentist was mindful of my mild latex allergy, even though it was a bit of a bother. And when I covered my eyes because the work-light was so bright, he offered me some dark glasses and apologized because he hadn't thought to offer them before.

    What a difference!

    When the root canal was done, he asked if I had meant for him to keep the copies of Dr. Starlanyl's handouts. When that was my intention, he replied, "This is good stuff!"

    My friends, you need to Dr. Devin Starlanyl's website (you can find her easily by using your search engine) and make copies of each handout you need for your next doctor visit. She has given permission for you to copy them, as long as you follow her requests. Be sure to include the one for every medial worker.

    Above all, you absolutely must include the bibliography at the end of each article. First, she makes that request. Second, it is the bibliograpy that tells the doctor that this information is backed up by up-to-date and well-known medical writers. This gives the material legitamacy.

    If you feel uncomfortable about doing this, then you should buy Dr. Starlanyl's, "The Fibromyalgia Advocate." Some of the topics include how to assemble your medical team, how to talk with your doctor, and how to be the head of your medical team. It also has material on dealing with relatives, survival skills, and alternative treatments. The list goes on.

    Hugs to all,
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    This is fantastic! I recently had a root canal in one of my back molars. I use an endodontist because he uses a dam in my mouth and is completely done withing an hour for the entire procedure. He's done two of mine.

    It's nice to know that there ARE good docs and dentists out there.

    Love, Mikie
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    with my Dentist, when I was having a lot of Dental Problems last year.
    I have long been a Fan of Dr. Starlanyl and for the last 3 years, I have been giving, all my Doctor's, Pharmacist, Physical theraphist, and Dentist, the information that she has on her website. Most have been very nice about taking the Material, I also found that the Nurse's were very interested in her information as well.

    I figure, anyone who is going to treat me, for any Condition, should have one of her Printout's, even If they say, "Yes, I know about Fibromyalgia", cause sometimes they still just don't get it.

    She has been updating her site with some new information and I just recently printed some out, just before my Computer took a dive, grrr!
    It's all better tho, wish I were.

    I have also Torn apart some of the chapter's on the Trigger points, the ones with the Digaram's, and made copies of these as well to give my Health Care Giver's and I have Colored the area's that cause me the most Pain.

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    Wow! Good thinking ahead. It's not enough to just mention the FMS, a lot of docs, specialists and my oral surgeon, do not know of the vulnerabilities we posess. I had a wisdom tooth removed on my right lower jaw and I had told him I had Fibromyalgia. I said it so he knew what meds I was on and further deduce that I would be in greater pain from this procedure. My regular doc was in on this with him as well, by my request. So much for organization. The oral surgeon pushed, pulled, cracked and jammed my jaw around sooo much. It was one of the worst things I ever experienced. Despite Novacain, I hurt from all the shoving. Then, he didn't give me the stronger med recommended by my doc after all. By the time the Novacain wore off, I thought someone was trying to kill me. WORST PAIN EVER. It then took many requests for stronger meds, my doc was out of town and the other guy covering didn't know about this...(idiots) and could not give me anything stronger. The oral surgeon would not budge, not believing me. I am not kidding, that it took over a year for my jaw to heal. Two years later, they called it TMJ. That's it now, as it hurts under certain conditions...But it was brought on by a nonKnowledgeable Oral Surgeon who could have cared less about what I had to say.
    So, compared to what happened to you, I gotta tell you, You were very smart to have been that prepared and you were blessed with a wonderful dentist.
    I have that book by Starlanyl too. Sure, now! lol
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    (Forgive me, everyone. I've changed the name of this thread - again - because I really want everyone to know what Dr. Starlanyl's handouts can do for you.)

    Ranger's experience should not be how it goes! It's bad enough as it is. How you give the handouts, though, can make the difference between the information being read or being tossed. So, in addition to printing out the handouts, owning and reading a copy of "The Fibromyalgia Advocate," can help you learn how to talk to medical workers more effectively. That, alone, makes the book worth the price.

    Mikie, actually, I saw an endodontist, too. My dentist sent me to him, and I'm glad. We should not go through what amounts to surgery with anyone except a person who does them that particular surgery the time - meanting daily, at least.

    Sharonk - I had a similar experience with my computer. I won't even go into all the rediculous things I had to go through to get the darn papers printed. Actually, my endodontist had agreed to me sending the copies in the mail - and he even suggested that I should bring copies with me, as well, in case they somehow didn't get to him in advance! Well, they sure didn't. It was because of my own stupid comupter problems. I had intended to include a letter of my own, outlining which things in the copies applied to me. Then I would bring unmarked copies with me so he could have some plain ones. Anyway, I just brought them with no commentary. As it turned out, the commentary wasn't necessary anyway. He did a fine job.


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    at the dentist's visit 2 weeks ago, This brought on a flare for me definitely... I have the book at home too. Thanks for reminding me, I will make copies for the future!!! Blessings, Iggy
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    Thanks Pearl,
    It's so hard to get any health proffessionals to listen to you here in the UK, they always think they know best.

    Love & Light,