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    Hi Everyone: Thank you for being concerned and for answering me. Yes I'am very fortunate to have a wonderful family and a great hubby,he is very helpful and supportive especially since I have been sick. He drives a big rig over the road but is home on the weekends,he waits on me and helps around the house when he is home. Our 2 sons live in Pa. but our daughter lives about 30 minutes from us,she is busy working 5 days a week and taking classes to get her Masters in psychology,she has her bachlors for social work and is director of a homeless shelter,it also has a food bank. We sometimes get voluntered to help with some of their events,which is fun. I have been having trouble with depression but I'am trying some new medicine and it seems to be working,the Ra doesn't get any better with all the changing weather. I did get a good report the other day from the surgeon from my thyroid,don't have to go back until October and then he will do another ultra sound on both sides just to be sure the left one isn't getting any nodules and that the right side healed good. Now my next and worse problem is my teeth,terrified of dentist,need to get mine pulled,they are really bad,so looking for one that will do sedation. Had an appointment and cancelled so hubby said make one on a Friday or Monday so he will take me. It is getting nice here today and warm finally no rain for a few days. Again thank you and hope to get to know everyone again,missed getting on here and all the help and encouragement I got so many times. Take care and talk to everyone soon. Biddy
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    Glad to see you back and doing better, glad you have the thryroid thing behind you.

    I understand about the dental work issue. In Sept 06 I had 21 teeth pulled, they did "sedate" me for a extra $150 but it didn't work. I was wide awake and heard and felt every break, pop, ect, no real pain other than the 20 shots of novacain.

    So make sure to go to a dentist that guarntees true sedation, usually a oral surgeon. I had a very hard time with the dentures, so ask around for others to suggest a a good denture store.

    I do not want to scare you, but there were MANY times I regretted it but I had no choice. I had lost a front tooth and my teeth were litterly falling apart. I had chemo in 1995 and had soft teeth to start with so it was bound to happen.

    I know many people who have done great, just put them in a go all day, eat what they want, so be patient and be prepared, but it won't be near anything that you went threw with the thryroid. I had mine removed when I was 15. So been there too.

    What are you taking for your RA. I was dxs in 2003, at the time I could barely move, going up and down stairs one at a time,ect. He put me on plaquinal and it works great. It does time about 6-8 weeks to start showing any improvement but at least ask your Dr about it. It really made a huge difference in my quality of life with the RA.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful daughter with all she does, makes a mother proud. I forgot to look at your profile but am thinking you moved from PA to KY, I could have you confused with someone else, fibo fog you know :)

    If I am right, what part do you live in? I'm in the Ashland area. The sun is out FINALLY after 3 months of rain, so I hope it is shining on you too. Take care-Carla
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    It's so good to see you Back among us!,,,,Was wondering about you!,,,Good news on the Thyroid buisness it sounds like!,,,,Do not envy the Teeth pulling thing!,,,Hope it all works out for you,,,

    Glad your dh is helpful and takes good care of you!,,,,are you trying Cymbalta for the depression? i've been on it for a year now and it's really making a difference in my depressiion!!,,,,,,

    i'm actualy more social at times,,,,,lolol,,,,large feat!,,,We have one thing in common with our daughters!,,,My youngest is also going for her masters in Human Services,,,and is now a Project Manager on a boys ranch.,,,,,challenging ,,but she loves it!,,,,,,Hope your having a Great Day!,,,,,Hugs!,,,,,Sis

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