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    I haven't been on for a few days & missed your last message. My lupus is what my doctor called"early lupus" because I came out high on the medicine -induced lupus test, when I'm not on a medication that causes it. He thinks what I had back in Sept.may have been a small flare. I just felt genuinely very sick, as in, I couldn't get off the couch sick. I would go & take a shower, then had to rest before I could even brush my teeth. I am always normally very fatigued due to having several autoimmune diseases on top of the fibro, but this was very different. That's when I made an appt. w/ a new rheumy. My old was awful. That's how I found this all out.

    Other symptoms, like the rash you asked about, I had in November. I developed what looked like a really bad bruise. It was on my lower leg, about 8" long, very purple , it looked as if someone hit me w/ a bat! I know it wasn't a bruise, because if I ran into something that made it look that bad, I would have known when it happened.

    It never faded like a bruise. It just disappeared,one day, & then where it was at, it turned into this red patch. It was raised, about the size of 2 golf balls about an inch apart. It stayed for over a month, & my rheumy actually got to see it since it was there for my first appt. He said it was a classic lupus rash. One of them was actually painful, only if it was touched. Once it finally left, it left a pale brown image, like a scar, on my leg. It's still there.

    My rheumy gave me a list of symptoms to look for, only thing is, I already have alot of them. They are, photosensitivity (rash after being in sun or tanning booth), Raynauds (I have), sore joints (I have), muscle weakness (I have), fever (once in a while), other rashes, fatigue (I have), & joint pain (I have). These are the main ones, & of course the lupus rash on face, which I do not have. Usually it is the systemic lupus that causes that.
    I went to my rheumy last Friday because I have been having lots of joint pain again, & even w/ all the pain meds I'm on, it still hurts. My knees are so bad, that if I have to kneel down, it's all I can do to get back up w/out severe pain in them. So, he ran another sed rate & inflammation marker on me again, to compare to the one I had in Nov, & also x-rays of hands, feet again to compare. I told him I am ready to go on methotrexate or something, because I cannot stand this anymore. I have always had to be on some kind of antiinflammatory, & after switching to him, I wasn't on anything. My old rheumy had me on a med that did nothing. This one told me to try ibuprofen, which I've done before/ w/ no luck. I did well on Plaquenil, but it started tearing my stomache up, so this is the next step. I did well on Bextra while it was out, can anyone get some "somewhere" for me??
    I will call for results tomorrow, & see. But, I told him, even if everything comes back the same, I am ready to try it, so he better listen. I'm tired of feeling tired, & sore & achy from the RA ,& fibro, & Sjogrens. Wish me luck. I hope I answered your question. No, I couldn't see the spot on your bio, sorry. Has it enlarged, or spread? What about itching, etc? I hope you can find something out about it soon. Let me know what happens. I'm only "on-board" about every couple days or so, but I usually read back until my last entrys.
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    thank you for your reply. i am like you i have all of the symptoms that can go with many things.i do think the redness may be lightening up a small bit. ( i hope )i have a dr. appt. the 17 so maybe i will find out something then.
    i am tired of all the pain and the dizziness and being exhausted all the time but i guess we all are. i know some have it worse then me so i should be greatful. and i wish you MUCH LUCK!!! so let me know how it turns out. oh and yes the spot on my nose has enlarged and was very red but the redness has faded a bit the last 2 days or so. it is almost like broken blood vessels. it isn's as large as ones with lupus but i thought it might be the start. and yes you did answer my ? so thank you so much and i wish you the best of luck.


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