Glucophage for chronic fatigue ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lynnsouth, Feb 27, 2003.

  1. lynnsouth

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    Has anyone ever heard of using Glugophage ( Metformin) to treat symptoms of chronic fatigue? I was told by a young doctor at Truman Medical Center in K.C.,MO to follow a regimin of one 500 mg tablet twice a day with meals.
    I do not have diabetes , nor am I overweight. I am wary of using a medication that lowers one's glucose level in the blood stream.
    I have searched for a trial studies using this medication for CFIDS sufferers to no avail. I would appreciate any information you may have.
  2. pamela

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    I wish I could help but I have never heard of this before. I would love to combat my fatigue level. Sorry..Pamela
  3. loonie

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    Hi, lynnsouth:

    My health care provider rx's metformin for me because he ordered an insulin assay blood test for me and I tested positive for insulin resistance. If you do a search on IR on this site, you should find more information.

    I think that I have read that a lot of people who have CFS and/or FMS also have IR, but I am not sure about it. Perhaps your doctor ordered an insulin assay for you. If I were you, I would ask him more about why you are on the med.

    I have CFS and FMS, but have a fasting sugar of 103 at last count. My HCP tells me that IR can be a precursor to diabetes. I have lost a little weight (10 lbs), but have not noticed a real difference in any of my other symptoms.

    Hope this sheds a little light.

    Happy days, Loonie
  4. lynnsouth

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    Thank you. I will do such a search. the problem is - this doctor has never seen me before , nor did he order a test for IR. I will consult my regular HCP when he returns before trying this RX.
    Thanks a lot.
  5. Mikie

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    IR can usually be controlled with diet and drugs would only be used after testing to ensure that the med is appropriate. I would get another opinion before proceding.

    Love, Mikie
  6. 2BPainfree

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    I went to one once who recommended Glucophage also. He said this helps regulate the ups and downs that HYPO-glycemia can cause. I told him I had never heard of using this for hypoglycemic swings(maybe that is what your Doc thinks the fog is coming from?) even as a nurse.

    Most of us sually associate glucaphage with hyperglycemia/ diabetes

    He told me if I don't want to use that I can use chromium Piclinate daily (I think it was 200mg) this you can get over the counter, at a health food store. I did it for a awhile with terrific results....felt so much better. I haven't used it for some time now, but if I began having those swings again...that's the first thing I would go back to using.

    Maybe you can call or fax his office and ask for an explaination or ask him how he feels about something more natural like the chromium Piclinate.
    Hope this helps!
  7. cay24dive

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    I am not sure if I would take it for that I work in a pharmacy and I know a lot of drugs can be used for other things other than there indication, but I have never heard of them using that for fatigue