Glucosamine may cause myoblobs

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    I have FM and CMP (Chronic Myofascial Pain) and think I found the source of swelling on thigh that I posted on back in Sept. I had a mass growing on top of thigh and my doctor sent me for MRI which came back "unremarkable" which was good it wasn't a tumor or blood clot but still my Rheumy couldn't tell me what else it could be. It bothered me to no end because it hurt at times and seemed to be getting worse so I did a lot of searching and came across Starlanyl's book on FM/CMP and found the following summarized the best I can...

    Studies have been done on myoblobs (otherwise known as geloid mass) and it was found that hyaluronic acid (HA)which forms a gelatin substance as part of the myofascia tissue can swell especially in FM because their HA levels are high already and when you add glucosamine which acts as a foundation for HA you can get more swelling and hardening, plus things like fibroids, overgrown cuticles and other overgrowth. It was found that a subset of patients with both FMS/CMP had symptoms worsen when taking glucosamine.

    Maybe this is not news to some of you but I was astounded as I was taking large quanitites of glucosamine plus MSM and other joint supplements. Anyway I decided to slowly lower the dosage that my chiro had recommended and after a month my myoblob has gone down significantly and doesn't hurt any more. I wasn't really sure if the stuff was helping my pain anyway, however, I do notice a little more joint twinches of pain (due to osteoarthritis) but nothing that's as bad as the other muscle pain I have due to FM/CMP.

    I was so excited about what I learned that I told my Rheumy on my last visit and he actually said "many times this kind of swelling just goes away on its own and besides that book is from a shouldn't be reading it" and then suggested I read "Making Sense of FM" which explains the disease better. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???
    I couldn't think of a come back for that but then he has a right to his opinion but the book he is recommending is outdated!!

    Just wanted to share the bit of info in case anyone else may be searching for info on myoblobs. Of course I know everyone is different and if these supplements help you by all means keep taking them but if you get unusual swelling especially over the area of a trigger point, that may be the key. I'm just glad I got rid of my blob! Now I need to start working on all those myofascial knots (known as trigger points). Yikes...tons of those built up from years of not knowing how to get them treated but I found a pretty good chiro/therapist who knows how so maybe there is hope.

    I'd love to hear of any one else having similar things happen when taking this supplement. And also was wondering if any one has found that just taking MSM is better than the combination.

    Best to you all for finding just one thing to help you feel better!
    Hugs & Butterfly Blessings!
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    To fatty masses. I had one on my thigh. I used massage to get it to go down. My doc said that would either make it go away or make it worse. It was pretty bad at the time, so I figured I didn't have much to lose by trying the massage.

    Even though fatty masses are common with us, every new symptom should be checked out.

    Love, Mikie
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    I took gluc & chond. for several years for osteo. a in my knees and it did the trick. I developed Duptryens Contracture in my left hand and found a whole bunch of people with contractures who feel the supplement contributed to the development of the contracture. I quit taking it and hopefull the beginning contracture wont get any worse.
    About the myoblobs. I dont know anything about these but recently had two sore spots that I think might be what you are talking about. They are directly below the underarm and straight back from the breasts. It was quite sore so I took a look and it looked like a slight 2 to 3" raised area. When mashing around found a pinpoint spot on each that if picked up and pinched would burn. Could not get the same feeling anywhere else so it is definately unique to these two spots. Well I pinched both of these spots as hard as I could several times and they no longer hurt. If I go back and pinch it it burns again but does not bother me any other time. I suspect the pinching is the same as massaging only a lot cheaper and faster.
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    I take Gluc/Chond/MSM in max doses for DDD w/bone spur and it helps the pain a LOT. I do not have any of these problems so far, but now that I know this is possible, I will keep an eye out.
    Thanks, and good luck to you. I hope your "blob" stays gone!
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    Because since taking these supplements I've also acquired what I guess you could call a contrature in shoulder/arm, can't raise arm above head and having horrible nerve pain going down arm. However, I also had this happen to my right one some time ago before taking them so not sure if it's linked but sure is suspecious.
    Not sure what a "Duptryens" contracture is though...can you enlighten me?
    Also what you described in breast area sounds like a trigger point because you can stop them from hurting by releaseing them that way if you are gutzy enough which looks like you are...good for you to having fixed it yourself![This Message was Edited on 01/19/2003]