glucosimine and shellfish

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    How many of you take glucosimine? Does it help?

    My rheumy told me to take it, I bought it, but it says it is derived from shellfish, and not to takeit if allergic, which I am! The doc should not have overlooked this little point imho!

    Does anyone know a good alternative?

    Happy heart day!
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    Bumping for responses
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    Freeda Vitamins makes one that is vegetarian rather than shellfish-based. SInce we aren't allowed to post URLs, try typing Freeda Vitamins into a search engine.
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    i have shellfish allergy (ever since i was pregnant w/my son 8 years ago!???) and i was told by my wonderful pc dr to take glucosomine.....JUST glucosomine.

    i had no idea though that the chondrointin (sp) is derived from shellfish!! geez. also, if you have to take calcium pills and are shellfish allergic, they do make it without oyster shell.

    am supposed to be taking the gluco but have not begun i'm ashamed to admit...
  6. Mikie

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    It is as important to research our supplements as carefully as we would any drugs we take.

    Love, Mikie
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    The glucosamine/chondroiten/MSM combo sold here is on sale with significant savings. The chondroiten is bovine based.

    Love, Mikie