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  1. kimfibro

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    does anyone take glucosomine?? my doctor told me to start taking it for fibromyalgia. she said she takes it daily for a sore knee and it works very well for her.

    just wondering....i haven't seen it mentioned anywhere here but i am a newbie!
  2. foxglove9922

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    Yes I take a combination glucosamine/chrondrotin that has significantly helped the joint pain I have in my hip.

    Since it hadn't acted up for quite awhile I went off it for 9 days when I found myself in the most horrible hip/joint pain ever,,,,,couldn't even get around without a cane.

    Now I'm back on and have no more pain.

    best wishes........foxglove
  3. AnneTheresa

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    I take glucosomine sulfate and have for years. It does seem to help. I tried going without it for a few weeks and - oh my - the pain and stiffness got much worse. So I take it faithfully now. It's not a cure-all by any means but it does makes a difference to me.

    I take the maximum dose these days but when I was heavier (I used to weigh 200 lbs., I'm 170 lbs now) I used to take more than the maximum dose as listed on the bottle (I took 4 500 mg. pills instead of 3). My doctor told me larger people need more than the recommended maximum dose as it is effective in relation to body-size.

    Regards, Anne Theresa
  4. kimfibro

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    regarding your hip pain: is it hip pain as in tender points/pressure points in fibromyalgia or is it strictly arthritis or injury related? i ask because you say "hip" and not "hips" which is a major tender point in fibro...

    so glad this works for you! i hope i'll be as lucky. i have aches and pains in muscle and joints all over, usually. of course some days are so much better than others and SO weather related for me here in new england.

    hope you're having a painfree day!
  5. tansy

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    have helped with joint pain and stiffenss, I have OA and lyme arthritis in quite a few joints including parts of my spine.

    My mother has severe allergic reactions to shellfish so dared not risk gluscosamine until a veggie source was available. She too has arthritis in her spine; after seeing how much my combo helped me she upped her fish oil dose and took turmeric as well.

    My mother is enjoying a new lease of life (in her 70s). My parents' recently returned from a trip overseas; for the first time in years she was able to walk the same distances as my father. They are both firm believers in glucosamine (and adjuncts) now; as are a growing number of their generation.

  6. joanng

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    I noticed relief from my joint pain very quickly when I started taking glucosomine (just started a few months ago). I also take Omega 3 fish oil. They both help a lot. When I run out and miss a few days, boy do I feel it.
  7. RENA0909

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    Hi Kim
    I am going to start on glucosomine and chondroitin as my hubby swears by it and my brother has even managed to get it on presciption off his doc!!

    I am reading more and more about its benifits all the time so I am now ready to give it a go instead of the drugs I have been on for my arthritis which can cause soooo mant side effects that they make me ill!

    I think your doc sounds ok!

  8. jfrustrated

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    I have been taking glucosomine for about a year. I think it helps me.

    Interestingly, my friend's dog, a beautiful golden labrador, damaged her hip about 2 years ago. She is fine now, but the vet put her on glucosomine also. She has two tablets every morning with breakfast and appears to be a good advertisment for the medication.
  9. kimfibro

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  10. kimfibro

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    i, too, have shellfish allergy! nothing was mentioned to me about glucosomine and shellfish!!!

    so tell me about that. i'll probably end up getting the veggie tablets instead.

    p.s. i love happy stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!