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    The cats have been unusually edgy during the l,ast 2-3 weeks. Two weeks ago a mouse, the first I've had in 3 years, darted across backdrop of sink and disappeared behind fridge. The fridge, a replacement from landlord, was pushed beneath a cabinet and cant be moved...if it dies, like the last 3 he brought in, they'll have to smash it to remove it. In short, it almost impossible to get back and see what the mousies are doing.

    I have no problem using poison for mice because I'm highly allergic to their fluff and muck. 3 years ago I bought plaster and made cement and filled every hole and crack with steel wool and then cement. It seems this needs to be an annual project.

    Now I have 2 inquisitive male cats, one of whom eats anything that doesnt gobble him up first. This is same dude who dived headlong into toilet bowl and jumped on stove next to a cooking pot because he smelled chicken. I would close doors to keep him safe, but only the bathroom has a door and if its closed, there are two pathetic beggars pawing at it asking to be let in to see what fun I'm having without them.

    Poison was out and most NY mice outwit snap traps.

    ahhhhh, glue traps!

    I thought glue traps would be safe if placed far enough from cats. There is no such length 'far enough from cats.' I came home yesterday and only Shortie was in his usual spot waiting to meet&greet, rolling on his back, mewing away waiting for a tummy Mr. B to be found. Call him 3x, nothing. Now I know something's wrong, but not sure what's up. Very small apt, I walk thru living room past bathroom toward kitchen and glance in bathroom to see if he's in litterbox. There's a glue trap upside down on the bathroom rug.

    I thought I would find a mouse stuck to it, there was only cat fluff on it. By that time, Mr. B had quietly crept out from his hiding place and came into bathroom to see if I found his problem. If something happens during the day, he'll usually indicate something happened by going to the problem and then standing and staring at me.

    The trap had been placed far beneath a book case with barely an inch of space between it and floor. How this 18lb mass of hair pushed his fat furry paw thru there and far back to inch out the trap must have been a treat to see. I'm sure the Shortcake was entertained for hours. But the look on Mr. B's face was one of great distress and anxiety--he's an easy read most times and was clearly upset and tired. Not only did this sticky thing attach itself to him, he must have raced around trying to get away from it. I'm amazed that only one paw was involved.
    I wasnt sure where he'd lost fur until after he ate and relaxed and let me check him a bit.

    Only one paw was involved and he kept trying to lick off the glue that remained there. To further compound his distress, I scooped him up and grabbed cuticle scissors to make some tiny snips and remove the glue. I could have used nail polish remover but that would have freaked him completely. The 2nd snip brought a yelp and hiss, that ended the manicure session. He looked back at me as he slinked away as if to say, thanks....thanks alot. He went inside a box they use for a hiding place and it has a towel inside they cuddle with. He stuffed himself inside (its Boo2's hiding place) but kept himself near the 'door' so he could watch me and Boo2 but not be disturbed.

    By this morning, he was his naughty self, chasing a toy around.
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    I have a cat like that too. He is such a nut. I named him Goofey because it so fits him. He never thinks about what he does he just does it. Ya gotta love these guys.

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    I have one that is pretty silly, he gets squirrelly and chases his tail, then flips upside down doing a somersault, and then gives you that surprised silly look, like it was my fault!! LOL

    I can just see your kitty racing around with a sticky trap stuck to him!! LOL
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    Hi Didoe,

    Sorry to hear about Boo's encounter with the glue trap. Poor kitty !! Glad to hear that he is OK and that you are too. Hope to hear more kitty ehcounters !!

    Bye for now.

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    I read somewhere that cooking or mineral oil works to dissolve mouse trap glue.

    Glad that Boo OK in the morning, though I wonder what sort of dreams he had that night:)

    Cheers, your mr Bill
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    dear reallytrulymadescientistmr.bill

    I can't imagine which mountain lion shared this secret with you, but its a treasure! I've no doubt Shortie wouldnt mind getting a buzz on nail polish remover fumes, but that's not Mr. B's style so a little canola would be great...considering the traumatized look on Mr. B when I got home i dont think anyone will go near another glue trap.

    so last night i get home close to 9pm, late meeting. open door and they're both at door loonier than usual because i was late (din din is served promptly at 6pm)
    the living room curtain was pulled back and a chair by the window was knocked first instinct was not to enter the apt as someone may have come in thru window.

    I do a quick look for open drawers etc, tv's there, laptop too, drawers are all closed...the 2 hooligans ran wild yesterday, because I was late but primarily because Bootie has a chronic stomach problem and Mr. B gets angry (very) from the smell that never seems to entirely leave the little stinker. Its very sad, food changes havent worked and I cant separate them now, they are so entwined even with beating one another up...Mr. B likes to act annoyed but if Bootie didnt jump on him from the dresser top and pretend Mr. B was his pony, I dont think Mr. B would feel life was the same...
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    Poor Mr. Boo! So glad he is OK....leave it to him to get into trouble. Never a dull moment for the Boo's Mommy.

    Hugs to all of you,
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    Little Boots makes it his perogative to tag for himself whatever Mr. B is scared of, runs from, avoids...if the thing can scare Mr. B away, its the perfect weapon for Boo2 to incorporate into his arsenal.

    Something about plastic bags spooks Mr.B.
    He's been here since he's 6 weeks, so what triggered his running from the rustle of plastic bags in the last month, I have no idea. But I usually return home with at least one plastic bag and this evening as I was pulling things out of my tote, a plastic bag landed on the bed and Bootie pounced on it.

    He attacks dust balls, imaginary spots, invisible monsters under the bed and chairs and now dives into plastic bags. There was a paper receipt inside the bag that just added more crinkley noise to his bob & weave attacks. I went to cook dinner and get their food set out and can hear the plastic rustling around. Suddenly they're both chasing one another...I see Mr. B runnning and then a white blob comes tumbling along. Bootie has entirely dived inside the bag and is runnig around after Mr. Boo while inside the bag, Mr. Boo is totally freaked, he cant see Bootie, just a bag chasing him.

    Bootie pooped out and lay down still inside bag...and I'm thinking maybe this guy needs help so I go and find him a little bound up and untangle him and take the bag away.
    Clearly not a toy to be used unless under supervision.

    I start PT next week and new med.
    What's going sound very weak, I'm going to che'ck to see if you've been on Depression board.