Glutathion IVs? How much ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by deliarose, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    i'm paying $120 a pop here in chiago.. but i know the glut is dirt cheap. I checked with the Wellness Pharmacy in AL that supplies it.

    Any one else doing this?
  2. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I used to get it at my PCP, his nurse does them. They were by fast push, $45 a pop. Don't recall the dose.
  3. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    was that a conventional or alternative PCP?
  4. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I guess he's somewhere in the middle. But, if he had to be classified one of the other, I'd say,,,,,,,,,,Conventional.
    He is a BCBS PPO Provider, and sees mostly older people. I rarely see anyone my age (48) and have NEVER seen any young people. Which means nothing, don't know why I even said that.

    I was his only fibro patient using it. He had several Parkinsons patients using it, and several Asthma patients using inhaled Glutathione. But, he does this quietly. I asked him to do it. He agreed. I know he also does Chelation. Again, quietly. He has suggested I use a Rife machine. Imagine that! Oh, and I once walked in and caught him and his nurse PRAYING in the receptionist office, they're both Christians. He is very kind and listens, but is not at all agressive in CFIDS/Fibro treatment.

    I hardly ever go unless I have a UTI as I won't take most treatments he has to offer. I once gave him literature on Dr. Ritchie Schoemakers protocol using Cholestyramine and he agreed to read it over, and a month later, called me and said he would order it. So, he is open to things, but YOU seem to need to ask. So, is he Conventional or Alternative? I would say an open minded Conventional doctor.
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  5. rockyjs

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    A friend of mine had IVs for a while and then started getting a formulation to rub on her skin from a compounding pharmacy in Virginia. She has actually improved more since using the topical glutathione and it was much less expensive.

  6. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    and I wanted to see if other folks were getting it more cheaply.

    I do nebulise and that is pretty cheap. But the IVs deliver a much bigger bang...adn I'd like to keep doing them. Just hate to be ripped off.

    Teh doc who recommended them was gobsmacked when he saw how much they charge for this service in Chicago.

    Ah well...Tnx for yr replies.

  7. I live in Indiana, but a "top neurologist" and, author of books, like "the better brain book" started me on 2300 twice a week, but a month later did 2300 3 times a week. Within 3 months, being stuck soooo many times for IV's, blood draws, surgery, etc my veins were shot, and I had to have a "port-a-cath/port cath" put sewn into my left chest (muscles) it was totally under the skin, and in an average patient, wouldn't be noticeable, mine wasn't terribly through clothing, but at the time, I was 113lbs, and could *definitely* see it through my skin. The stupid incision would never heal (tooo many steroid treatments-hindered healing somewhat, along with my body, just body)

    Anyways, I had to have the port cath taken out in 3 months, it itched & burned constantly, and, I think maybe the infections and other things going on, kind of blocked the good things the glut. did..

    I DID improve somewhat in memory, function, walking while on it, and still today walk better (no quad cane, haven't used wheelchair..)

    I ordered monthly, from wellness center in birmingham alabama, and for the month (12 glutathione, 12 saline), it was around $415!

    My integrative med doc wanted me to try the cream, but, I never did get it ordered (DEFINITELY CHEAPER! at around ? $38 for a 'tub'?? of it, CRS--sorry! a 1 month or so, supply..

    I feel IV makes the most sense to be the most effective, so I doubted the cream anyways, but, my hubby still wishes I was on it anyways, since it's not tooo exspensive..

    If I went to the hospital, they charged me $10 just to do it for me......after my port cath, home health care nurses did it for 9 weeks, and trained my sister to do it, for, me to do it myself, I would be "looking down at it, thus breathing (germs) on the site, so, that was a no no..

  8. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    I got my meds from a new pharmacy since I was hoping to save some money. I paid $9.75 for shipping and the $25 copay for 8 vials of 2.5 ml of Glutathione. They came packed in vials with screw off tops. Then I use one squirt (1 m.) of Broncho Saline to get enough fluid to run my nebulizer. The Broncho Saline has 240 sprays in the bottle. This method is a lot faster and shipping was only $9.75.

    The old pharmacy was charging me $25 for a 30 ml. bottle and $3.50 for needles. I had to draw it up with a needle and drop into the nebulizer cup. Then I had to find a Sharp's container to dump the needle tips into. Their shipping charge was $30 for a 3 week supply.

    The medical assistant and nurses at FFC have asked me if I see colors more clearly. Other patients on this protocol report that they are seeing things differently (more clearly). My sense of smell has changed. My MCS is better.

    My EBV viral load dropped a little. I'm not sure if the nebulizing is responsible for this. EB VCA IgG AB was 396 in July. In Nov it was 257. In July EBNA IgG AB was 172
    and it was 158 in Nov.

    I had two AV IVs thru FFC but they were $145 per IV. They'd like me to pay for 8-10 more but my insurance only covers 60% of the cost.
  9. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    i am nebulising and using Lipoflow, which is an oral liposomal form of glut.

    But I think the IVs are's a way of getting a lot of glut to many tissues in the body.

    Maybe I will ask about the glut/B12/AMP shots..I've heard good things about them.

    Also, fyi,for those nebulising, I heard it's worth dropping a shot of B12 in with the glut solution.

    Apparently, there's something about combining B12 and glut that enhances teh take-up. Don't know the explanation.

    But I heard that from CFS researcher Rich Van Konyenburg who heard it from Professor Marty Pall.

  10. deliarose

    deliarose New Member

    u say yr insurance is covering some of the cost?
    Which insurer do u have?
  11. cherylsue

    cherylsue Member


    Dr. Paul Cheney no longer believes in giving IV glutathione per his DVD. He says it can chelate heavy metals too quickly and cause problems.

    He now likes transdermal Nexavir which raises intercellular glutathione.

    Sorry to confuse the issue.

  12. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    I used to get IV Glutathione by fast push, and my insurance covered them at 100%. I have a PPO Policy with Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
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  13. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    I tried to get a 3 months supply from Express Scripts but they don't carry glutathione for a nebulizer because it's a compounded medication. I paid my $25 co-pay plus $9.75 for shipping for a one month supply. I use Bellevue Pharmacy in St. Louis. It's one day service to Central IL. I'm 75 miles SW of Midway.

    Yesterday I got eight 2.5 ml vials of 100 ml glutathione and a container of Bronco Saline. No needles involved. I use one vial of glut and one squirt of saline. I need 3 ml to make my nebulizer work. This is so much easier.

    I missed two treatments this week while I was waiting for the new RX to arrive. I really felt a difference. My sleep was horrible and I couldn't figure out why. I slept like a rock last night.

    I can tell when it's time for me to do a treatment. Smells are very different to me about 36 hours before it's time.
    I'm doing this for MCS. I've been doing it since Halloween.

    Dr. Edelberg mentioned that I could use N-Acetyl Cysteine instead. He didn't specify how much or how often. 1,000 mg. is about $20 a bottle. If my body is doing the converting to glut I don't have any idea of how much I'm getting. I simply don't know enough about this to be an expert.

    With the nebulizer I know I'm inhaling 500 ml each week.
    What's this in comparison to IVs? Where are you getting them from? I do like FFC's Memory IV but Detroit is so far away. The trip to Lincoln Park was easy compared to Detroit.
  14. luckykitten

    luckykitten New Member

    I have been taking a liposomal glutithione orally since July. I know glutithione has been tradiaiotnally unstable orally but this compound seems to work. My doctor (Guilford) spent a lot of time developing it until he found a formulation he found helpful.

    I was unsure about it for a few motnhs but took it. Then I ran out and learned the truth: It was really making a difference!! I was miserable without it. And once I was back on it my symptoms improved and I felt much better.

    Now I am a believer and more consistent with my doses. After all, who wants to feel like crap when they know they can prevent it? Not me.

    The liposomal glutithione bottle is 4 fl oz and about $70. A normal dose is 1 teaspoon a day.

    I hope this information helps.

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