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    i was just reading an article by dr. mark hyman--and he was saying that many people with cfids and other illnesses have low glutathione. or they lack the gene. i know this has been brought up before---but how do you raise this glutathione in the body? are there supplements that prohealth sells that can help?
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    Hi, inbetweendays.

    There are several ways to raise glutathione in ME/CFS by either supplementing it directly by various routes, or by supplementing amino acids that go into making it in the body. However, many of us have found that this only helps to raise it temporarily. In order to make it stay up on a more permanent basis, it is necessary to lift the partial block in the methylation cycle, which is located upstream of glutathione synthesis in the sulfur metabolism.

    Dr. Neil Nathan, M.D., and I conducted a clinical study of a methylation protocol, and we found that it did cause glutathione to come up on a more permanent basis.

    ProHealth does sells a version of the methylation treatment. It can be found here:

    I am not financially involved with these products.

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    what methylation mean?
    I tried to understand but cannot.
    thanks a lot
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    Hi, Lea.

    Dr. Nathan gave a good discussion of methylation here:

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