Glutathione/ATP Injections

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by mandy58234, Jan 21, 2006.

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    I have been started on Glutathione/ATP weekly injections. Has this been helpful for anyone else's energy level? I have also gotten a supply of this to give myself the injections each week. The drive to the doctor each week is too far and exhaustive. Many of their patient's at my doctor give themselves the injections. My mother was ready to leave the doctor office, and the nurses were very busy when it came time to learn how to give myself the intra-muscular injections. My mother says she has done this before, so I trust her I guess to give them to me. But would like to know if anyone has any advice on giving intra-muscular injections? I have always received them in the upper hip region at the doctor office. Could not see what they were doing. Any info would be appreciated.
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    I used to give b-12 intramuscularlly in the upper outer hip. Think of the hip as divided in fourths. I had a bathroom counter/sink that I could sit/lean on and look in the mirror and see as I was putting the needle in. Put the needle in (after rubbing area with alcohol). Pull back on the plunger a little (to make sure you didn't hit a blood vessel) (it would be red), then inject the med.

    Hope that helps....

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    i have cluster headaches and used to give myself shots all the time demorol or morophine. i used a 23 by 1in and a half long needle and like the other post said divide your cheek into 4's and give it in the upper right quadrant or ask the nurse the next itme you go in to see her she shoud show you. its never the needle that hurts but the medicine. they used to give wy-cillian for strep thoart and it looks like elmers glue. i would almost pass out when they gave it to me, one in each cheek. it felt like she hit me with a sledge hamer. good luck
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    PCP who is prescribing this? I would like to try this...but don't think my PCP offers this.
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    I have been doing these injection with b-12 since june 2005
    The have made an improvement in my energy.If I get more fatigued from over activity I do more then one shot per week.I am doing self injections. The are prescribe to me by Dr. Bullington of the fibromylagia and fatigue center in Georgia.The center has a fantastic treatment program.