Glutathione/FM Connection

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  1. rikw

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    A recent study shows the link between low glutathione levels and FM. Here is the link:

    I've put some of my patients on a glutathione-raising product with definite success. You may want to check it out at

    Anyone else have success with this as well?
  2. richvank

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    Hi, rikw.

    Thank you for posting this link. I plan to get a full copy of this paper. If you have a full copy of it, can you tell me what the selection criteria were for the patients in this study? Did they just use the ACR criteria for FM, or did they also exclude people who met the CFS criteria, i.e. the Fukuda or Canadian case definitions for CFS? If they did not exclude CFS patients, I think it is understandable that they saw indicators of oxidative stress, since that is a well-demonstrated feature of the CFS pathophysiology. If they did exclude CFS patients, then the results of this study are more significant. There was another study published a short time ago that found that FM patients do not have oxidative stress, so it will be interesting to compare the selection criteria for these two studies.

    With regard to building glutathione, in CFS we have found that directly boosting glutathione is beneficial to at least some PWCs, but that it does not raise glutathione on a permanent basis. If they stop boosting it, it drops back down again. In order to keep it up, it is necessary to lift the partial methylation cycle block, which is upstream of glutathione synthesis in the sulfur metabolism. Dr. Nathan and I have performed a clinical study of this approach and have found that it is effective. If you want to read the report, please email me at richvank at aol dot com, and I will email you a copy. Otherwise, you can also find it on the phoenix-cfs website or in the files section of the Yahoo cfs_yasko group's website. If you are interested in the hypothesis behind this approach, I will be happy to send you copies of papers describing it, or they are also available at those sites.

    Thank you again.

    Best regards,

    Rich Van Konynenburg

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