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    Has anyone tried Glutathione IV's? If so, did they make much of a difference for you? I know Dr. Susan Levine offers them in her practice. I just don't know if they are worth the effort. I get saline IV's at home and was wondering if adding Glutathione would increase my energy level. Thanks for any responses.
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    Hi, Michele.

    Glutathione IVs give a boost to some PWMEs, but it usually doesn't last for more than a day or two. About 80% of glutathione that is put into the veins is absorbed by the kidneys, about 10% by the lungs, and the rest by other organs, tissues and cells, in a fairly short time. In order to get glutathione to stay up in the body as a whole, we have found that it is necessary to lift the partial methylation cycle block, which is upstream of glutathione synthesis in the sulfur metabolism.

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    Thanks Rich for that information. I am doing good on the methylation protocol and getting ready to add the B-12 shots again. I get saline IV's for POTS and thought I might try adding some Glutathione to see if it would help. I think I'll just first try adding the B-12 injections and go from there. With M.E., it's all about building an energy base, 10% here, 10% there, until one can be somewhat active again. I'm always looking for another 10% that isn't expensive and within my reach. MicheleK

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