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    I see that some of you recommend getting your Glutathione levels up while taking TF.

    I recklessly bought a number of supplements at once and have been starting them one at a time to see if they're helping or making things worse. I see that most of you recommend taking NAC or some other precursors.

    Well, in the bunch of supplements that I bought is a bottle of L-Glutathione. SInce I already have this, I would prefer taking this before going out and bying a bottle of NAC (my bottle will last 2 months). I don't know anything about the science about this, but I'm wondering why it is better to take the precursors rather than the real-deal. Is it okay to take L-Glutathione with TF?
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    I am not the scientist here. Mikie or Annxyz know more and you might want to post on the other board.."Question about NAC and L-Glutathione. I will just give you my experience. Annxyz recommended NAC to me. I really like the stuff and it is one of three supplements that I would really hate to give up. (The other is magnesium and Alphalipoic Acid (both recommended by docs at this site).

    I have read that the TF's are delicate and other things can interfere with how they work. Chisholm Labs says that they can be taken with anything. So there, again, there is a difference of opinion and I don't know who is correct.
    For me, so far, I can't tell any interference with what I take and the TF.

    I think Annxyz takes the glutathione injections and highly recommends them. But that is different than the L-glutathione.

    Clear as mud right?? Hope it helps a little.

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    I think I'll wait and see if anybody comes here and answers my question. If I have to wait too long, then I'll post a question to the FMS board.

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    Hi clprez, I know a little about glutathione. One thing is that taking it in a pill form you will not be getting the amount needed to replace any that you lost. The best way to take or get it is through Whey protien powders. Your body needs to proccess it to turn it into glutathione. There are a few books one called Breakthrough in Cell-Defense by Dr. Allan C Somersall and Dr. Gustavo Bounous, hes the guy that did the research on Glutathione. The other is Glutathione GSH your body's most powerful healing agent by Jimmy Gutman. The product that they talk about is called Immunocal and it is a speacial way that the processeing of the whey is done. Not all whey protien powders are created the same. In fact this particualar product is in the physicans drug book and can be perscribed by your doctor. Glutathione is used to detox the body of Acetaminaphin overdose and is used in hospitals, its given by intravenous. I have personally took this product and found it to be a great help in giving me energy, just a little pricy for me to continue. Hope this helps you.
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    I take the ImmunePlex sold here and I know it has helped me. I also take the colostrum. I did start these prior to the TF's but by accident and not by design.

    I think three important things which help one's immune system are the whey, the colostrum, and probiotics.

    When I was on the TF's, I stopped the colostrum because the TF's are made with colostrum.

    The TF's have helped me sooooo much. I took them for about 3 months and now only pulse them for a couple of days every six weeks.

    My immune system is so much stronger and can handle most things on its own now. The pulsing is like a booster shot. TF's are kinda like taking oral vaccines.

    Love, Mikie