Gluten Free and Vegetarian??

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    Hi's been a long time since I've been here...but wanted to ask if anyone knows of any recipes or books, anything along the lines of gluten free and vegetarian.

    I'm not a vegetarian but my close friend is, whole family and it's soooo hard for me because I rely on them so much for help, even meals at times. I'm gluten free. They are vegetarian so if we could find something that would work for us all, that would really help. Other than gluten free pizza, we haven't come up with much. I can't have soy.

  2. teacher

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    but not vegetariean.

    Saw your post and knew I had to respond.

    Don't have the brain cells right now to go through my books to see what would work for you, but I did have a thought.

    Have you tried the celiac site? I think it's

    It has lots of technical stuff, but a recipie bank also.

    Have you tried soups? You don't really have to use chicken or beef stock. There is a vegetabel stock. If they allow dairy, you can make all kinds of "cream of........" souops.

    Some vegetarieans will eat seafood. You could have seafood salad, or make any kind of pasta and toss some shrimo on it.

    A friend of mine uses spaghetti squash to make spaghetti. The squash is the noodles and then use whaterver pasta sauce.

    Another does the same with zucchini.

    I hope this helps.
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    Teacher...thanks for that website, I will certainly check it out.
    I was gluten free for a few years...don't have celiac that I know of but I initially did it to help a child who felt all alone...that and yeast free and I felt better for awhile.

    Then my docs said it might help with my ataxia so I've tried it off and on for the last two years. I can't tolerate rice products too well so that makes it even more difficult. I remember using the spaghetti squash to make spaghetti and casserole dishes. And eggplant...but I can't tolerate that either anymore but will try the squash. That's my problem, so limited in food choices.

    My friend attempts to cook meat but she just can't handle it and I don't want her doing something that she has such a hard time doing(she does make it for hubby now and then). I'm also allergic to most fish too, my fav. I can tolerate shrimp and other shellfish.

    I've been buying ready made products and they just don't seem to be as tasty. I'm hoping to teach my girls to cook this year if I can stay upright long enough! When I followed this diet before I had a bit more stamina to be able to cook from scratch.

    Thank you! I'm going to check out that website today and hopefully make it to the grocery tonight.

  4. teacher

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    if you can't tolerate rice, go to the health food store and look for corn-based noodles. i've seen them, just can't remember the brand.

    pastato - is a mix of potato flour, rice flour, quinoa flour, ground flax and other stuff (print too hard to see) - consistency close to wheat spaghetti - have had non-gluten eaters like it

    good luck!
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    I was DX'd with Celiac Disease 3 months ago, & the toughest thing so far is, not ACCIDENTALLY ingesting gluten!
    I mean, DANG! That stuff is hiding everywhere, & under so many false names!

    I'm still new at this, but my family is a great help.

    My mom keeps referring to info she finds on a website called "gluten free mommy". (i'm sure you can google that for the actual url.)

    Gluten-free & vegetarian sounds RUFF! Unless one lives on beans...
    BUT! Beware! Beano has gluten!!!!! Swanson Vitamins has a gluten-free alternative called "Say Yes to Beans". I'm waiting for a bottle of that to arrive now, so I can commence my scientific bean experiment. LOL!

    I did e-mail GSK (big pharm makers of Beano) & asked them to post a food allergy warning prominently on their label.
    I discovered the word "wheat" as the last word, on the last line, on the back of the box - fortunately, I saw this before I took any!

    They're "taking my request seriously" (uh-huh, I just bet they are...)

    Anyhow... Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!