Gluten free- anybody have good luck

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rickj44, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. rickj44

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    I don't know if i could do this..Looks like changing to me.. but sure would be nice to try..I wonder how many tryed and won, how many failed,

    and how long would you consider it would take to notice anything..Maybe if i take Baby-steps and a little at a time..

    This illness is so complicated.

  2. rickj44

    rickj44 Member

    NO pizza ..:-(
    I will need to know what you can eat that dont have gluten in it.. I hear its in my soup, and my branflakes.. I have been eating Branflakes for 8 years..but i also put flax seed on them, so thats positive.

    this is going to be life changing.

    I am Canada we dont have a Traders Joe here, but i know i can find Gluten free products.I dont have any problems with my stomach but i will if i don't get enough fiber.
    Is there a place that shows gluten free products.

    Like peanut butter probably has it,..and all pasta.. If i can get there, little by little and it does help me feel better, i will wish i did it years ago..

    If i don't notice any difference, in a few months i could see sliding back to my old ways.

  3. Sophiaz

    Sophiaz New Member

    I tried this diet a couple times..the longest 2 months. My blood test for Celiac was negative but not fool proof. you have to be dedicated. I had no IBS but pain and fatigue issues. After two months zero changes.

    You can eat peanut butter on apples or rice crackers. If you have access to Asian stores you can make your own "Gluten free mixes" (stay away from bean flours, can produce excess gas/digestive problems)

    This blog on a quick search mentions how to do this on a budget. hope this helps. Tinkyada (sp?) Pasta is the best. Some GF pasta has odd smell to it.

    Blue Diamond makes GF crackers available at Krogers natural foods section. They are good and sometimes on sale. Chocolate as a plain candy is allowed, too!!
    You can google allowed foods in standard groceries that is GLUTEN FREE as well. LOTS of info out there and it does not have to break the bank. Just use rice or potatoes for side dishes instead of breads. Use corn tortillas for sandwiches or lettuce.

    Good luck if you try this. SURROUND YOURSELF with websites or books from library on the subject. LOTS of good tips out there. :)

    I have a great GF Chocolate cake mix, too.

    p.s. the expensive additive to baked goods you can NOT ELIMINATE or cakes, cookies will fall apart is XANTHAM gum. Pamela's makes good choc chip cookies and dark ginger cookies. THEY do stale quickly so triple wrap baked goods after opening. Drink something with them, milk or almond milk. Baked goods ARE pricey but basic eating is not.
    cake recipe..make your own dark chocolate frosting to top this cake with. Divine :)
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  4. xchocoholic

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    It's made a huge difference for me. Most of my symptoms have been related to either gluten, diary, soy, corn or chemicals. The best way to learn about this is to google gluten and check out the gluten free message boards. You'll see others with CFS/FM who have made improvements too ... We have threads about this on this board, but I tried to search for gluten and didn't get any hits .. ?

    FWIW. If I were you, I'd go on the Paleo diet asap. It's just organic meats, fruits and veggies, but it eliminates all common allergens and chemicals. You'll want to add healthy fats to your diet too and avoid eating foods that are high in oxalates like spinach and nuts.

    good luck ... Marcia

    PS It took me one year to get over my ataxia (balance problems / gluten ataxia) so I'd stick to it for at least a year ...
  5. SnooZQ

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    There are many commercially available GF (gluten-free) substitutes for boxed cereal, pasta, pizza, cookies, cake -- we are even starting to see GF freezer meals in more parts of the country.

    The gluten-free diet isn't just about what you can't eat. It's an opportunity to clean up your diet and make many healthy changes. Less processed food, more fruit & veg.

    An excellent book for beginners is Living Gluten-Free for Dummies by Dana Korn. Very readable, very upbeat, and possibly available at your local public library or bookstore.

    Best wishes.
  6. holiday16

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    After I went GF we started noticing my youngest was feeling better and long story short 2 years later everyone is. It took that long to really be able to see what was wrong. No one had a positive test, but the dietary response was so positive we have total agreement from the Drs.

    After going GF 2 things changed. My triglycerides went from 268 to 72 then 36. I just retested and they are 68. I'm eating so much more starch they should have gone up, not down! My cholesterol itself did not change. The other thing was I was taking 120 mg. of Strattera for my FM and I had to cut that in half. With adding different supplements etc. I am now totally off all meds for FM and have been since right before Christmas.

    If you want to see if it helps you need to be sure you're 100% GF. I found it does set off my FM terribly. To give you an example, my dh and I were on a plane a couple years ago and he was eating pretzels and had a drink. Without thinking I took a sip of his drink and the next day it felt like I had the flu and hurt so much I could barely walk. That was just from drinking of the same cup as someone eating gluten. He'd only taken one drink so it's not like there was alot in it!

    If you find GF helps it won't be that hard to follow it! I haven't cheated once since I started simply because it's not worth it. You might want to check out the Great guide to going GF.

  7. rickj44

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    Thanks for all the info, i will need to research this because i have no idea, what to eat..i drink water 99% of the time.. sometime green tea.
    I will also be alone on this because my wife will not change,So it will be up to me to shop for things or i guess give her a list.

    Having two ways of eating, i don't even know if i can afford it..we spend alot on grocieries now and nobody is working and i am loosing all my health insurance.
    I will need books for sure.. i will look at the lbrary and that will be my first start.


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