Gluten Intolerance??? symptoms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by acuario, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. acuario

    acuario New Member

    Hi everybody,
    I was reading about gluten intolerance.
    Does anybody knows the main symptoms, if you are intolerant to gluten?

    my worst symptom is foggy brain and I notice that when I eat certain kind of foods makes me feel worst.

    Does anyone knows what doctor do the Celiac test???

    thank you all.
  2. 2BDreamer

    2BDreamer New Member

    with in a few minutes after I eat something with glutens or sugar, pain in my legs coming on. As for the celiac test, I would go to webMD and see what it is about. Then talk to your doctor to see if they can do the test or would refer to someone who could.
  3. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    I found out recently I was intolerant to wheat/gluten and that was the main reason for my intense stomach cramps that would seemingly come out of nowhere.

    Sometimes foods would make my mouth burn/itch as well, but I never thought much about it.

    My doctor tested me for celiac, but he's in KY. Am not sure where you are, acuario.
  4. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    Dear Acuario,
    I have gluten intolerance, and am also intolerant of all grains except rice, corn and millet.

    My symptoms are: an excess of mucous in my system (especially mouth and sinuses) edema, weight gain, and intestinal discomfort, like gas and cramps. (Within 3 or 4 hours, my face will get so swollen that I look like I've gained 20 pounds.)

    Any M.D. can order the Celiac test. However, be sure that you are not already on a celiac diet when you take it, or you'll probably get a false negative.

    Some people prefer to go to a specialist for each thing that they have. I guess I'm lucky that I live in the mountains, because if I went to a specialist for every serious illness that I have, I woud be seeing almost every kind that there is. I just stick to my regular family doctor. I've found that many specialists don't know what to do, anyway, and seem to be a whole lot more egotistical and narrow minded than my family doctor. Much less do they know how to relate symptoms to one another and come up with a diagnosis that is not in their specialty.

    Good luck. I hope your test turns out negative.
  5. acuario

    acuario New Member

    Thank you all for your great info. that would help me a lot.

    Hangininthere, thank you for all your info. how soon you started feeling well after starting the celiac diet?? did the foggy brain dissapair after this diet?

    Thnk you so much
  6. acuario

    acuario New Member

    thank you so much Hangininthere, for all your information, I am taking notes and soon I will start this diet.
    thank you for all your time posting.

    thank you Nanjee and everybody else..
  7. Daisys

    Daisys Member

    Thanks for the info. I've been gluten free for over a year. That's really helped my health in a lot of ways.

    I was very surprised to see quinoa and amaranth on the avoid list. I've been using both and don't have any reaction that I can tell. I know they say there can be damage without symptoms, but when I eat wheat I get an immediate reaction. I react to oats too.

    One thing I tried lately is coconut flour (got it off the internet at $6 a lb.) It's good in muffins, definitely has a coconut taste and smell. It's low carb and low cal too so great for maintaining weight while having a treat.

    I haven't been careful about shampoo, toothpaste, etc. That brings up a question: what are the symptoms to reacting to gluten on skin contact? If I touch flour, I don't react, so I don't understand that part. Maybe I'm just intolerant to gluten, like not being able to digest it.

    Oh, my symptoms: intestinal after being off it a year or more. If I eat any, my body purges everything right out of me! When I stopped gluten at first, my acid reflux went away, I had a lot less joint pain, some less muscle pain, lost weight, and I can't remember what else. If I do, I'll post it here.
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  8. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Hi Acuario

    Gluten intolerance is common in the females in my family. Most sites about celiac disease will give the symptoms of diarreha. For my family it is the opposite, they have severe constipation.

    My daughter put herself on this diet in university and now won't eat anything with gluten in it. It has really helped her chronic stomach problems and she has been able to reduce her GERD medication to about half.

    It is certainly worth a try and for my daughter she noticed a big change in about 2 weeks. Now if she eats anything with gluten in it she reacts in about 1/2 hour.

    hugs Redwillow
  9. My symptoms are severe reflux, bloating, in my duodenum(bowel) the villi are "almost totally effaced" (basically, almost totally worn down, from the wrong foods, thus, I do have malnutrition, and it shows in my skin, hair, and nails, :-(

    Sometimes, especially BIG meals, like holidays, cookouts, family gatherings, it can be the dead of winter, my mother in law will open the window as she gets hot while cooking, family always has me sit there, and, I will break into a terrible sweat and jitters (some is blood sugar related also, as I have problems with that, when not on diet) and I will have to hobble outside in the SNOW to cool off,

    I become extremely lethargic sometimes, and HAVE to lay down
    Nausea, diarrhea, terrible bloating, hiccups, reflux that can *shoot* up through my mouth, nearly up my nasal passages it can be so forceful at times...pancreas/duodenal spasms that can last upto an hr, at their worst...

    ALL of these symptoms listed above, disappeared, as well as pelvic/ovarian pain (even with a medium sized cyst on my left ovary) (sorry, if that's too much info, just want you to know everything that went away on a very very very strict (in the beginning, to heal my guts) "elimination diet" I also had no bladder spasms/pain and felt better mentally, and lost 25lbs,

    In three months.

    I just wish I had never gone off the diet. It is very hard the first 3 wks, every single food commercial, will drive you insane. Hubby was *Not* on the diet, so everytime he cooked, I'd nearly cry, but, after many weeks on the diet, when he cooked, it smelled gross to me.

    If you are like I am/was when I started the diet, and your guts/bowels are a mess, I would start out not eating too many fruits (if they tear you up.) I ONLY ate for 3 months, skinless, boneless chicken breasts, & brown rice, every day- ocasionally I would eat green beans, or brussel sprouts, and try to eat pears, or an apple..(both peeled).

    All that was allowed (remember, very restricted for me, for my digestive tract to heal, then I was to start slowly adding maybe...3 foods a week, that were still gluten & casein free) all I could drink starting out, was "pear nectar" (I passed on that) chammomile tea, or water, I stuck to water..

    At first, also, I ate upto 4 chicken breasts a day $$$$ I was really hungry....but, after my body adjusted, I'd only eat twice a day, half a chicken breast, and small portion of brown rice, and maybe a tiny serving of fruit or vegies in between. Eventually gotta add those for nutrition, chicken and brown rice had very little nutrional value. I also was allowed red lentils, amaranth, quinoa--so I was suprised to see those on the avoid list as well...

    Now, my gastro supposedly did a celiac blood test--but the hospital didn't even know what celiac disease was, nor which tube to use (colored tops, you know?) for the blood drawl, so god only knows what lab did the test...
    BUT, my endoscopy/colonoscopy are what showed the damage, and if villi are is celiac's/gluten allergy, celiac sites will tell you, the biopsy is the sure-fire way to diagnose, blood tests are just too unreliable, due to lack of knowledge by most normally used (by docs here) laboratories... Also, a neurologist did the aGa test on me, (anti-gliadin antibody I think) and it was "ok"...but as they say,

    The proof is in the pudding, the biopsy, and especially the diet is all I needed to know for sure. A registered dietician is the one who told me my biopsy results, my gastro only told me erosive gastritis, and duodenitis.

    I thank god still for that dietician, who is now in medical school. Now my integrative medicine doctor is helping motivate me again to get back to gluten free casein free. I swear it is at LEAST 40%+ of my problems.

    Best of luck to you, if you have any more questions, as you can see, there is plenty of help here...


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