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    Gluten Free 02/12/03 09:09 AM

    In addition to FM I have gluten intolerence; have watched it carefully for over year; occasionally will eat a sandwich or a pizza; if I'm careful, I'm okay; too much and severe pain in my hands, feet and lower legs.

    I use a lot of "Spelt" and "Gluten Free" products from health food store. Also take magnesium/calcium supplements.

    Sleep is always a problem; however, I've found through trial and error that 2 Aleve and very small "piece" of Trazadone at bedtime helps.

    DX 1989 ... then relatively ok until 1997-98 when it returned with vengence. Got worse and worse until I went to Chiro/Nutritionist who helped a lot. Rheuma Dr. believes I have pretty mild case; can handle pains fairly well - but not the fatigue ... it's so debilitating.

    Okay - first post - but just wanted to share a few things.

    Have a Good Pain Free Day all.

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    I have more pain when I eat anything wiht flour in it. Or sugar.

    Pain in the hands and feet. Plus my midriff breaks out!

    I would love a cheeseburger! But would be in bed for at least a day!