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    What do you do if you accidentally eat something containing gluten? Is there anything you can take? Or do you just deal with it and hope tomorrow is a better day? I know some of you wise folks have some answers for me. I read on one celiac website about eating charcoal tablets but....idk....I just wanted to hear from you guys....thanks!
  2. blueeyedgrl73

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    do you not feel bad when you eat gluten? Now that I have been gluten free I can tell when I accidentally eat something with gluten and I feel horrible. I dont wanna make the mistake of eating it but when I do I wish there was something I could take to counteract it. I'm gonna keep doing some research and maybe there is something....
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    I don't know if there's anything you can do except ride it out.

    I have celiac and have lived gluten free since my diagnosis almost 2 years ago. It helped staying on the diet willingly because I was so deadly ill I couldn't imagine hurting myself more.

    That said, lately I've been cheating (we were on vacation and I hadn't had a chance to buy my GF stuff. Our flight was late, we got lost in Washington DC and by the time we found our condo in Virginia neither of us felt like going out again to find GF food. So I had a slice of pizza). I got a sore gut for a few days until it worked thru my system. Since I have severe FM, my pain from traveling all day was worse than the pain in my gut.

    I truly hate the GF substitutes for pasta and breads and have decided that a sore gut now and then is worth missing out on a serving of pasta or slice of pizza occasionally. I'm sure this is a really bad decision but at 62 I'm finding it difficult to change my ways forever.

    One word of caution, if you take any meds be sure to find out if they have gluten in them. I was on a diabetes med for years and discovered it had gluten only after I called the FDA to find out. They actually called me back and told me how to check.

    If you need website they gave me just let me know.

    Hope you feel better.


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    Nancy, sorry to the others for jumping into the thread....

    I'm surprised you haven't found a bread or pasta product that you like. I've been buying gf foods since we found out my husband has an allergy to gluten but isn't a celiac.

    I bought a breadmaker and use it to make Bob's Red Mill breads for hubby so he can have sandwiches and toast. (I did buy him his own toaster to eliminate cross contaminations) This also allows him to take the bread to work and at lunchtime the commissary deli makes his sandwiches on the special bread. (Subway on base will too)

    I also have a ton of gf pastas that we all like since I now cook with them instead of the regular. Just easier than buying 2 kinds of noodles.

    Since I live overseas, I used the glutenfreemall to shop for many of the products since they're cheaper than the commissary brands and I do have to say I haven't had a chance to use them all yet, hubby's been gone for work for 7 of the last 8 weeks....but the one's I've used give us all back our wonderful Italian pastas that we all love.

    Personally, I can't tell a difference. I've also ordered crackers, he loved them in his chilli....boulione cubes? who knew they had gluten, pretzels, and I've yet to try the pizza crust mix but will when he finally gets home.

    I did completely screw up a batch of chicken noodle soup by placing the noodles in the pot instead of cooking them separately and adding later. Ended up with a pot full of crappy goo...but I plan to try again this week before he gets home.


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    Thanks for your ideas. So far I haven't found a pasta that doesn't taste like mush. Do you remember the brand name of the one you like?

    When I was in the hospital they gave me spaghetti and the pasta was pretty good but I don't know what kind it was. I should ask them. The ones I've bought were so bad I threw the rest of the package away.

    Who knew there was gluten in so many things, like a simple can of Campbell's Tomato soup. I called them and they said every one of their soups have gluten. Progresso does have some that are GF. It certainly changes how you shop, a simple trip to the grocery store can take forever by the time you've read all the labels.

    Good luck to all those living GF.


  6. hugs4evry1

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    The brand that our commissary carries is Bionaturae. It's made with rice, potato and soy and I've got a partial bag of elbows beside me and it's wonderful. No difference in texture at all although you have to keep a closer eye when cooking them.

    My Mom always cooked a simple casserole with Italian sausage, tons of Green Peppers and your favorite spaghetti sauce and I know it's wonderful in that meal. Sometimes we put it in the oven after mixing add a nice layer of cheese and brown the top too.

    I've bought some Sharr (spelling is different since it's European) pasta from the glutenfreemall and it's also as wonderful (and cheaper) than the commissary brand which is $5.00 a bag, and we love pasta so it gets expensive.

    I shopped at that particular online mall because I wanted different shapes of pasta since the commissary only carries elbows and spaghetti noodles, yet both are good and even I can't tell the difference in either taste or texture.

    Since hubby's been gone so long my daughter and I have been cheating galore and eating all the 'contriband' items that we can but he gets home on Sat. so we'll be trying all of the other pastas soon.

    They also had a pizza crust mix that I bought and will try soon for hubby.