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    I have a friend who is a distributor of vitamins and mineral supplements, and she wants me to try Glutethione (mispelled?). I don't know much about it-are there any doctors or chiropractors out there that can tell me more about it and the effects it would have on Fibro? I have had fibro for years, and take Lyrica and occasional Hyrdocodone. I'm doing ok, but have flares every now and then and would like to do even BETTER!
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    If we take plain Glutethione, our bodies cannot use it. Our bodies need the "precursors" and I don't know what they are and then it will make the Glut.

    I am sure the Prohealth sells some products (maybe denatured whey) that are designed to do this.

    While, I have been willing to try just about anything...just in case it might help. I haven't tried that one you speak of. Nor the Prohealth stuff. But people here have posted that they take it.And the store probably has "reviews" about it.

    Food for thought...

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    Rich Vank has written extensively on here about the methylation depletion cycle and how glutathione is involved in that, and according to what he has written, just taking glutathione without fixing the underlying problem is not esp has been a bit helpful for some people while they are on it, but as soon as they stop taking it, they are in just as bad shape as they were before....however, fixing the underlying problem makes taking the glutathione unnecessary and is a much better's sort of like the difference between taking pain meds indefinitely for a badly broken (& not likely to heal properly on its own) bone, or fixing the bone surgically and eventually no longer needing the meds (sorry - not a great analogy but it's what came to mind), I think the glutathione is expensive (i could be wrong about that, though)
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    It seems that the supplement Glutatione is helpful in treating the stomach ulcer bacteria H. Pylori.

    So, if you are having problems with might be helpful.