Glycine for Deeper Sleep

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    In the same newsletter as the Gelatin info I posted is more on amino acids and glycine for one. It's said that for deepest sleep, called slow wave sleep (SWS), glycine should be taken before bed, on empty stomach....2-3000mg..

    This SWS process is the time when Growth Hormone is produced, cell tissue regenerates, and metabolic system resets itself. Human growth hormone declines as we age...

    Glycine is safe, non habit forming and inexpensive...

    I truly believe there is SO MUCH to amino acids and our bodies are lacking hugly in them.

    As always do your homework....jam

    PS: Reading more Glycine it's a precursor to Glutathione...some report better memory since on Glycine.[This Message was Edited on 09/16/2012]
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    I've read a lot about natural sleep aids, but this is a new one for me - it seems to be good for so many reasons! I'd like to take less melatonin and it looks like this might help - also, being a precursor to glutathione is a very good thing.

    Okay - just did a little research and found that gelatin (mentioned in your other post) is very high in glycine - so that may be the way to go -


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    I have a lb of beef gelatin on the way and 2 bottles of Glycine, I'd like deeper sleep and perking up growth hormone. Got the now foods brands on both. When I find something that sounds good, I tend to jump on it...

    I'm still sitting with the Doxycycline script and dragging me feet on it, I'd rather not take we'll see. jam
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    thoughts on glycine.. and on the energy and calming and sleep.

    i'll have to test myself with it during the day too. jam
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    the other night after taking 1K glycine before bed...I'm backing off for now....will attempt to work with it at lower doses....and take it during the day.

    Still take gelatin which contains a good amount of glycine...
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  6. Def sounds like something I should try with all the problems I'm having with waking up through the night! ... but the only question is what form of glycine is best and how much.

    Based on some of the strong reactions mentioned here and in Mary's thread, I'm guessing I should start out with a small dose like half a tsp??? And if I take the glycine, do I need to back off of the other sleep supps??

    The added benefits that were mentioned make it even more appealing to try! Thanks for even more great info, Jam!!

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    right on the label, "Supports Energy Production". I bought 2 bottles of Now Foods 1000mg capsules (pharmacetucial grade) and I'm going to take them during the day. Just took my first at 8:30AM.... Dose says 1 to 3 per day, so I'll work with it for my body.... BTW: The caps open easily so one could even take some out and take less to test their bodies on Glycine....Aminos are usually 1000mg doses....

    I'm not changing my sleeping aids, and think about Calms Forte' (homeopathic) for that middle of night wake up and not able to get back to for me...

    But again, I don't deal with the CFS. jam
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    not long ago, and Mary mentioned it in another post....since I'm taking only 500mg for the last couple weeks, I'm not waking up needing to take the Calms Forte' like I've had to do in the middle of the night.....

    **Oops, I'm actually taking 1000mg cap I took an extra capsule and see what that does....[This Message was Edited on 11/12/2012]