Glycine Improves Sleep Quality

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    I've been talking a lot about the Great Lakes Hydrosylate Gelatin I am taking now over a month MOSTLY for joint health....Glycine is the highest percentage of amino acids (20) in this Gelatin and my sleep has improved.....29% of the amino acids is Glycine and all taking Great Lakes reported improved sleep.

    Others on another group I am on are talking about improved sleep from taking Glycine before is a link:;jsessionid=0B0ADC541923709FED7B5894E8E1E51E.d02t04

    Magnesium Glycinate would be good too and important as magnesium is, just don't know how much glycine one is getting in the mag glycinate attempting Glycine on it's own could really support sleep.....
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    Go slowly and work up as you can....I can take it thru the day with no tirdness etc.....

    I'm so thankful my gf brought it to my attention, and her other friends told her, it's the cycle of how we try to help each other.....keep us posted....I have many others looking at this too and they all are very interested....sleep is so critical with SO MANY..... jam