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  1. Pluto

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    A couple of friends have told me how Glyco nutrients have really helped with the fatigue. I was very sceptical before they started them but they really seem to have had some inprovement!
    Can anyone tell me more about them please.
    Also where to find them in UK and how much they might be.
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    I have been taking glyconutrients since Jan of this year - called Ambrotose. I credit this with making me feel more human although I was taking far more than the standard dose, which is quite safe. Standard is .25 tsp and I took 3tsps. I will not give up on this having reaped much benefit, although I now only take just under a tsp. pr day. It was just one of those many hundreds of things that I have tried over the years which had some positive effect -there has only been probably a handful of those anyway. You probably know already that it does not cure any disease, but effects cell to cell communication.

    It is sold mainly thru multi level marketing, which was a big turn off for me when I read that, but the Nutricentre in London stocks it, and I always feel that if they stock something, then it is an endorsement to the efficacy of a product. If u are a memeber of Action for M.E. you will get 15% off this product (although that is less than our usual 25%) - it is a help because it is ridiculously expensive at around £64/75grm gross. They will send thru the post to u - £4.50 p&p I think. You'll only get 10% if u sign up to one of those MLM's.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. Pluto

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    Thanks Nickname for that info.

    Are there other brands and are they all as expensive?

    Has anyone else tried them?

    It seems as if glyconutrients are nutrients from fruit and veg that are properly ripened on the plant and that we lose a lot of them as supermarkets ripen articially. I'm hoping our stuff we grow at home this summer will have some of them!

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    I think u may mean phytonutrients - these are nutrients from fruit and veg. Glyconutrients are saccharides. I know it's all very confusing. Look up glyconutrients on a search engine - Dr Faust was one of the sites I started with, or just key in glyconutrients. Ambrotose is the only natural glyconutrient, as I understand it, made by Mannatech in usa, although the drug companies are trying to formulate it.

    If u look up on 'search' on this board, and key in Robert Harrison or glyconutrients, I believe somebody posted a very good article about this.
    Best wishes
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