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  1. nufaze

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    Anyone heard of this my mom went to a thing on it and wanted me to go. Any one heard of this product or tried it.
    If so with what results
  2. HagerTX

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    I replied to your other comment as well.

    Basically it's multi-level marketing. Some people here have had improvement while on them, but they didn't work for me and are fairly expensive.
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    I don't know what other replies you have had, but I can tell you I swear by them. I was to the point of permanent disability last November, after being on them just a month I went back to work full time, stopped taking my anti-depressants as well as some of my asthma medicine. I honestly have my life back, and I don't flinch at the cost...because I have lived the alternative.
  4. jill1461

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    If anyone has had success with glyconutrients, please share with us the product name and where to get them! Thanks.
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    Yes, I've used the Ambrotose. About 3 years ago for just one month. I did get to feeling a lot better. I was also doing Dr. Ritchie Schoemakers protocol at the same time. It was then that I got off almost all my Rx. drugs, my own decision. I would definately try them again, it's just that #100/month for just one supplement is a lot, and I take tons already. But, I think I will give it a go again. I would also like to use their product for balancing hormones, I forget what it's called. But I would say yes, it is worth a few months trial.

    ANNXYZ New Member

    if you go to the library here , you will find articles that VALIDATE the fact that they raise NK cell counts .
    There is LEGIT science behind them , and Dr Nicholson
    at the Institute for Molecular Medicine ( mycoplasma
    researcher ) recommends them .

    I HAVE known women who benefited from them with FM .
    I think you could get a cheaper brand than mannatech
    on the larch powder .

    The mannatech product is pricey , but that does not negate the fact that glyconutrients have been studied and have REAL health benefits . The articles in the library are informative. In my opinion, it is worth a try for those who are looking for improvement .

    I am always amazed by the things that help one person
    remarkably , and have no effect on another . I know one lady who was an invalid for four years w/ EBV , and got WELL after starting a product called reliv . Her sister thinks it has cured her of FM . I believe both of them!

    Another FAMILY ( missionaries ) were sick w/ CFIDS
    ( chronic CMV ) for six years , and got better ( ALL of them ) by taking a product called KM . It is a potassium supplement . It was amazing to see them get well.

    There have been people here in the past w/ FM who
    found glyconutrients VERY beneficial .