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    Has anyone tried this supplment?I have a friend who's baby was born with a genetic disorder and was growing cyst in her kidneys. It's uncurable. Most babies die within 3 yrs because the kidneys don't stop enlarging from the cyst. Last month she took her back to the specialist and one kidney was almost back to normal size and the other hadn't grown.He seems to feel there is a good chance she will live. There is an article about it in the library. I've been on it 3 weeks and am sleeping better then I have in years! My energy has pick up some. But right now it's hard to tell because a few months ago(go ahead and laugh at this- everyone does!) I slipped on a hotdog at work and hurt my back, neck and left arm. And yes' in my personal opion a hotdog is slippyer then a banana peel!But it has caused me to go into a flare up. Hopefully- things will settle down soon and I can find out if it's helping.