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    Hi Gmom,

    Hope your feeling and doing ok. Haven't seen you post for awhile, so just wanted to check on you!!

    I haven't been posting as much here lately myself, have really been having some hard days lately.

    Just hope your ok and hope to hear from you soon, when your able.

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    Thanks fivesue for the bump as well...worried about Gmom605!!

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    for gmom605
  5. gmom605

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    I`ve missed you ,,and thank you,for caring i just got on,,i`ve been sick and i was so depress ,i couldn`t get on line for awhile,also i went to the app. to that dr. remember on the 12th. and i was so nervous that day,cause i didn`t know what he was going to ask me it took about 1hr.15 min ,,he ask question like what was 3x3=? who was gov.of calif? he seem very nice dr. he didn`t make me feel unease,but i found out he himself has for the past 10 yrs fibro ,,and he said he knew what i was going through. so i hope thats good toward me know what i mean? oh, i went to the dr. yesterday and she put me on other med. for anti-depess,so i can sleep i`m not sleeping at all if only i could sleep ,,, maybe i would feel better,,,well enough of me,,,,,,,,,,, how are you doing ? i hope this finds you ok ,,,please reply ,,,,,,,,,gmom605,,,,
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