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    Hi Gmom, I hope you had a good christmas with low pain!! Sorry I didn't get back to you the other day when you were asking about SS evauating you every 3 years.....I haven't been on for 2 days....

    Oh and yes SS did the same thing with me....It was in my approval letter that I would be evaulted every 3 years...This is normal....they do every one like that....depending on your age and condtion....some are evaulted every 1, 3, 5, or 7 years....

    All they do is send out a little questionar to ask about your condition every 3 years and to see if you have improved any....As long as your still seeing your doctors and your condtion is the same....they continue your checks....I have heard it's really not nothing to worry about!!

    How was your Christmas??? How is your mom doing?? I hope your mom is doing better!! Hope your having a good day with low-pain....

    My thoughts and prayers always with you!!


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    for gmom to see!
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    Hi,Sweetie thanks for your reply,,my Christmas Day was
    ok had all my 7 grandchildren over ,, was very warm
    day so they were playing outside so it was ok
    and me well my body is feeling kind of weird
    i feel one day ok then another day i feel
    like i want to only cry all day ,,do
    you feel like that ? and this thing for the ss.
    i thought i was the only one that was going through
    that about the evaulted every 3 yrs.,,,, they haven`t
    send anything yet but i was info. from ss. that
    day i talked to them of it ,,,,,..and Mom she`s doing
    better for now she doesn`t want to eat ,,the
    Dr. wants for her to stand and walk but she
    refuse to do that ,,she`s given up ,,she`s 85 yrs old
    she will be 86 next month on the 16th. i try
    to go and see her as much as i can she`s
    in a nursing home i hate for to be there but
    there`s noone to take care of her. and she know`s that
    she understands ,,, mom,,knows she has all her
    mind ,,,before this sickness she was a very active
    lady ,,, if i go and see her she can tell if
    i have a problem so i try not to go when i`m not feeling well
    so i call her instead,,,,well enough of me how
    was your Christmas Day!? hope everthing went well!!
    Thank you again for being there for me your the greatest!!!!!,,,,,gmom,,,,
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    HI Bluerose7!!!!
    just bumping so you can see this!!!
    had a bad day today pain*******
    big time couldn`t get out of the
    bed this morning,,, my legs felt
    so tight and heavy ,,,couldn`t stop
    crying the pain was so bad,,,,,,
    well take care talk to you later,,,,gmom,,,,

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    I'm so glad you had a good Christmas...thats great all your grandkids were all there with you!! I know what you mean about your mom can always tell when somethings wrong....I think most mothers always know!!

    Yea about SS...dont worry yourself about the evalution thing....everyone has to do that!!

    I am so so sorry your having a really bad day today...I hope your feeling better soon...I will be praying for you!!

    I feel really terriable myself...ontop of all over pain and fatigue...I now have a bad sinus and cold infection...I was in bed all day yesterday and most of the day today....I still feel horriable....I hate to catch a cold etc...It really brings me down ontop of everything else..

    Hope you feel better soon hun!!! I'll try to check back in within a few days....I have a feeling im going to be in bed for the rest of the week...

    (((Hugs))) & Prayers

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

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