*** Go for my MRI today***

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by SherylD, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. SherylD

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    I have been going to the dentist for my TMJ since Dec. and getting nowhere with it...No relief at all..

    So I was telling my dent. that I just can't take it any more...He called and talk to my chiro...then he told me he wanted to have a neurosurgeon look at my x-rays to see if he thought I should have an MRI..

    Well I had them sent so he could look at them...Then the next time I went to the dent. he said...Well I talked to the neurosurgeon and he says there is something definetly wrong with your neck and you need to have a MRI...Then you need to make an apt. to see him..

    Well needless to say this has all made me pretty nervous... I am not worried about actually have the MRI..I am just worried about the results..

    I have had neck pain for 15 years..But it just keeps getting worse...PLus I have suffered with terrible headachs everyday..And they are now telling me all these things that are wrong that I really don't remember ever being told..(could be that my mind don't work)...who knows.

    And for a while my arms and hands have been bothering me...and alot of other things that now that I look back on it have been happening for a while...But how could I have not noticed??

    Not that I don't notice but I feel like I just go through the day and tune it out...I definetly know it is there...but I just push myself through everyday...Now I think that most of my problem is what ever is going on in my neck...

    Do you think we just live in the fog everday and just can't think straight to really realize what the heck is going on with our bodies??

    I'm scared cuz they are telling me it could be something pretty serious..I try not to worry til I have something to worry about...but you know how it is...It's just in the back of your mind...And I hate to say it...I can feel something is just not right

    And now my back in 2 different places are huting..I have never had back pain other than with my period..

    I just feel like I am really falling apart...

    Sorry for rambling...Just wanted to talk about it...Thanks for listening..


  2. pemaw54

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    This could be the best blessing that could happen to finally know what is going on with the headaches and arms . You will be in my prayers as all of you are everyday. The MRI is not so bad. If they dont, ask for a washcloth over your face and then you dont realize how closed in you are unless you are big like me and I was skashed in the tube. My arms hurt the most because they were smashed into the tube. Let us know when you find out something. We all care about you

  3. EllenComstock

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    Thanks, Sheryl, for responding to my post about my brother when you have so much going on yourself. I think that Patti and the others are right. I read one time that 80% of the things that we worry about either never happen, or if they do happen, they are not as bad as we feared. I think that's something you and I need to tell ourselves right now.

    Maybe this MRI will be a good thing in that whatever they find might be fixable and you won't be in so much pain.

    Here are some hugs for you! ((((hugs))))

  4. 69mach1

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    it will only make your hadaches worse....the mri's don't really bother me too much..they don't hurt/i just close my eyes and rest...ask if you can bring a cd player...i had one down before and got to wear a cd player but i can not remember if they did the neck area w/it...i am inclined to say no..

    they could be just picking up degenrative disc diseasae...which i have...it is nay fun...but you will get yur answers as well...time will tell so try not to stress...

  5. SherylD

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    Well..I survived...barely..LOL..I was half asleep cuz I was so tired laying there..

    I did feel really weird when I got done..Lightheaded..and my arms were asleep..Just kinda felt like I was going to pass out...I think from how I was laying with my neck..I don't ever sleep on my back..And my pain was sooo bad laying still like that..I usually have to keep moving til it's time for bed..and I have had a headache since..

    I was nervous cuz she asked me all these questions..Have you ever had surgery or cancer...I said no...She said then I don't know why they would want the shot(whatever they inject to see things..) done...

    So she said that she was not going to do it since I hadnt' had those things...Then when I was almost done she came in and said that she had called the dr. and asked and they did want that done..so that made me nervous..

    Then when she was doing it she asked if I had a history of MS...I said no..and she answered weird...I knwo I am just freaking out for nothing probably..But still...

    But now I have to call the neurosurgeon tomorrow and see if and when I go see him...THat is the part I will be really nervous about..

    Thanks everyone for your kind words and listening to me..

    I'll let you know what happens..
  6. SherylD

    SherylD Guest

    The tech was great...She was really nice...I think she just needed to ask those questions...but it still made me nervous..YOu know me..LOL

    My pain now is not that bad...my head still hurts a little...But I am sooo exhusted..Kinda feel like a noodle..I think I will sleep really good tonight..

    But I have been so tried from working so much yesterday..I was shocked that I was falling asleep with all that noise in the MRI...LOL

    I still need to make my shakes yet tonight..So I am going to do that and go to bed..I'll talk to you more tomorrow..