go to psychologist at 3 today for ssdi what to expect? help

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  1. hensue

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    i have know idea what to expect and what to do. I am just going to tell truth, what exactly happens does anyone know. they said bring my meds and could take up to 3 hours hello
    need your help out there if any one or all know what is going on.

  2. buttercakes

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    Hi Hensue, I posted yesterday about my exam being on Monday, but nobody has answered my
    post. I have no idea what to expect, Allsup said to just be honest. Please, please post me and let me know what happens at your exam. I wish you the best of luck. Take care,Sandie
  3. hensue

    hensue New Member

    cool i will let you know! i am really nervous about it maybe i should but like allsup said tell the truth. truth is fibro sucks and i hate right!
    pain and depression go together i think
    whatever i am just going to answer what is ask and bring my meds!
    later my appt is 3.00 let you know
    dont worry i feel like if we are honest hopefully someone will be listening.
  4. buttercakes

    buttercakes New Member

    I hope honesty is enough, I'm a terrible lier. please let me know what happened asap.

    GOOD LUCK!!!! Sandie
  5. hensue

    hensue New Member

    Went in at 3 and about 30 minutes yu are out. Here is how it went down for me and i just told the truth. That is what i believe be it good or bad. They ask you if yur married, how long if you have any siblings? how long were your parents married?
    how many kids you have and who lives with you?
    More or less i probably passed the test they ask me to spell world then spell it backward i could.
    I did tell him i had not taken any pain meds. Told me to remember 3 words shoe, phone and train. At the end of the sesion he said what were the three words? i said shoe and phone i can relate to that, not thre traincould not remember it.
    Ask if i had been abused? did i take drugs? do i drink?
    ask if i drove myself which i did and it was one mile up the road. I said i had heard you were suppose to look not so good. You were the highlight of my day took me 3 hours got dressed washed hair and put on makeup. He said by your self i said yes. he said who does the cooking actually no one. my husband travels and i eat soup and salad whatever i am not picky. Ask you who does shopping? i said i do which very litlle is done. Who cleans house? I told him on good days i can clean some. i know i am going to pay for it! physically which that affects me mentally. i said i fold clothes. just me and some of my husbands stuff. not a lot i didnt tell him that. I told him all knew to do was tell the truth. I told him you could find dishes in my sink all the time.
    I do what i can then on good days which are not many i try and do to much cleaning.
    then i hurt
    So then he ask when did depression start i said when the pain started 12 years ago but i had a neurologist sit me down and tell me the way it was going to be from now on.
    So i worked through it and did not tell everyone i had fibro i had the luxury at work to be up and down. i said but i could do nothing else.
    I told him the pain just got to much for me about a year ago and i just got up and left work after 20 years. the truth!
    he ask if parents were living and they are not they both died of cancer.
    then they kinda want to know what your world is like. I told him when you get older you hurt more i do. Then you are more isolated you have no friends, no going anywhere really. no clubs no nothing because you hurt. I said the depression to me goes with the pain.
    When my pain is elevated my depression is worse.
    Then they want to know what your day is like what time do you get up? i told him i try and get up at 8:30 if i lay there any longer i hurt. i make coffee and look at tv and despise soaps.
    so do you read ? not like i use to cannot concentrate that long. Also how many years were you in school?
    i said actually i use to stay on the computer a lot and now that is getting harder.
    The pain is the depression it is your day. If you have pain or not. Which if you do it is hard to get through the day.

    He wanted to know if i ever thought of killing myself? i said no!!!!
    he said what about current events had to admit i am a political junkie.
    who was the president? bush who was the president elect obama
    he said what else do you know i told him who was the sec of state rice
    obama has ask clinton
    all about the wars in iraq and afghanistan.
    you take all your meds they write it down and how much you take and why?
    i told him i am allergic to codeine and demerol and the more pain i had i did not know where it was leading so the only solution was to quit work.
    So that was it exactly 30 mins. no lies no bull sounds like cnn no bias no bull right!
    i am sure i will probably be turned down the first time but i believe in the truth and that was it!
    so dont worry God has a plan we dont know what it is or why but i also have to hold on to my integrity and the way i was brought up. You dont lie!
    i told him i would rather be out working and enjoying life. I couldnt see why anyone would want to not work and be around people that i had been is sales and an extrovert.
    That it was very depressing not to be able to do that anymore.
    remember God dont like ugly my mom was a judge and i am not going to lie
    so hopefully it might take some times or i might not ever get it.

    Just so bad for a joke i wanted to say, how are you feeling today about working the day before Thanksgiving. or how do you feel??????
    he was there taking info and not really caring nice guy but you could tell he was just doing a job.

    When is yours and what state do you live in?
    later and Good Luck you will be fine, there is no reason to lie
  6. jmq

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    I have been sent two times so far to two different SS psychologist. The first took about an hour at the most. Simple questions, history, some memory tests....

    BUT the second one I just went to last week took FOUR hours! Not only did she interview me and my husband for about an hour,....then she told my husband to leave and come back in 3 hours. She then gave me an extensive IQ and a nueropsychological test. It was crazy...doing puzzles, trying to memorize stories and details, trying to ID faces in pictures, some vocabulary questions, some math...wierd stuff. I was so tierd and in pain,....I hope I did as poorly as I felt. I also hope she is honest.

    So, my dear,....it could be short or long. Just be yourself. I kept telling her I had to get up and stretch and take a drink to continue. Both drs. were very nice.

    Good Luck and try not to worry...

  7. hensue

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    Just curious what state do you live in? i think they dont have enough to substantiate my claim.
    this exam i probably shot myself in the foot. You do what you believe in.
    Mine was more why i was depressed and who would not be with the pain we have.
    Is this your first step for your claim? i live in Ga and my doc who is very good he says he doesnt know anyone who got it for ssdi. So i will keep plugging along.
    Hopefully one day
    I just cant believe they did that twice they must really be considering yours
    Good luck and let me know ok
    Are you with Allsup i am
  8. buttercakes

    buttercakes New Member

    Im from Michigan, well..... I guess I'll just face it Monday afternoon, I'm not a good lier or a faker, so I guess I'll just be honest and hope and pray for the best. I'll post Monday night and let you both know how it went. Thanks again, sandie
  9. VistaDeNada

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    I'm just so tired of this life. No one takes me seriously except my psychiatrist, who put me on short term disability from work after a suicide attempt two months ago. I have to go back next week (with some modifications to the stressors) because the company (county government) has threatened to fire me if I didn't return by 12/15. That's also when my maximum whatever expires so I don't know if the State of CA will still pay if I don't. I don't know how I can -- I can't work. I spend hours organizing my purse and losing things anyway and burning water and crying all day. Ironically, I will lose my medical insurance which is the worst thing that could happen with all the symptoms and pain and confusion and depression and anxiety and ... everything I go thru upon waking every day. There will never be an end and I am worth more money dead than alive. At least I have life insurance at this time. that's my only asset...

    I have no hope left. It used to come and go. Now it's just so useless I don't remember what hope feels like. It's probably best this way. I won't be missing anything. I can't do for myself anymore. I can't take care of me. And there's no one else who can either. I'm so alone and inept. How will I ever manage to keep my job? I think you're the only ones who will understand how intense ill feelings are and how tiresome it is to battle them every minute of every day.
  10. hensue

    hensue New Member

    After reading your post i need to know your are ok! There are people who do care and will help you! So please answer ok
    Hope today is a better day, holidays are bad! We are here for you, so we need to talk to you
    please answer
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