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    Just a little short testimony. Yesterday Jim called me from Bethelehem, Pa to tell me he was being sent to pick up a load headed to Brooklyn, NY. I don't want to offend anyone, but an over the road, long haul truck driver would rather be sent straight to hell with a load than to be sent across the Vernzano(sp) Bridge. Open road drivers are not good city drivers and there are very few people from Brooklyn driving a truck. Long haul drivers don't know the traffic patterns, don't know the streets, don't know which bridges and tunnels are open to which kind of cargo.... It is a danger for a long haul driver to be sent into that traffic. When we started driving, we used to hire a taxi to escort us to and from a pickup or delivery in NY City. And one of us drove and the other was a second pair of eyes and a steady petition to God to deliver us from the mess we were in. In all of my years, the one thing I fear most of all is the traffic in NY City.
    So, when Jim called me, I contacted everyone I could think of to pray for him. I got on my knees and stayed there a looooong time. I told him to call me when he got to the receiver. He planned to go into the city and park on the street in front of the receiver's place. Number one I was scared spitless of the traffic and number two, I figgured he'd get his throat slit parked on the street. He had a choice, he could miss the traffic if he went in at 3am but he would have to sleep in the truck on the street. He called me at 4am to tell me he had arrived safely. I got out of the bed and slept on and off on my knees as I prayed for his safety. At 7am he called to tell me he was going inside the fenced area of the receiver's place. I wait now to hear he has left the city and is back in Pa or WVa. I love Up State NY but the City I just can't even think about. Before all you New Yorkers jump me, remember where the trucks deliver to and pick up from. We don't go to Sac's Fifth Ave. We are down in the harbor area and in some of those nicer places. I can not begin to tell you what a relief it was to know Jim had arrived at the receiver's safely and was inside the security fence. God does answer prayers. Thanks to all of you who regularly keep him on your prayer list. Hugs, Rose
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    Jim got his share of prayers today! I thought of him ever since I read your email! You have had some advertursome journey! From a hole in the ground in Alaska to the mean street of New York back down to tortilla heaven and the cut-throats at the docks! Wow! I'd say the "bear went over the mountain"! Love Lil'