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    Hi everyone, I wanted to share with you all God's awesomeness that happened to me yesterday, and I hope it will encourage someone. I have to give a little history, but I'll try to go quick. I have LUPUS SLE since 2000 and wasn't expected to live past 10/2001, I'm a single mother, with 4 kids...life has been a struggle, but I know the Lord is always with me, lately one of my struggles has been my teeth, apparantly with the Lupus and the steroids my body is rejecting all dental work, and I've been having recurring infections...my dentist told me that I have 2 options 1) to go to a dental surgeon and get at the root from on top of my mouth (Painful) instead of through the tooth and 2) pull it out, he wanted me to go through with the surgery but my insurance wouldn't cover it, (I'm on medicare/medi/cal), so because of everything but mostly the infections I decided to pull it out, I went to the tooth surgeon yesterday, I gave him my medical history, and he told his assistant that I needed the surgery, she told him that my insurance wouldn't cover it, he said he didn't care (during this discussion, all I could think of was God is at work, I started crying), she told him they have to at least fill out the paperwork, he said that he wasn't going to wait for that, then he asked me what I wanted...I told him i'd like to save the tooth, but I have no money, he told me not to worry about it...I'm still getting emotional, I wasn't expecting it...So he did the surgery...:), isn't God amazing, I just started to take my family back to church after 2 years away, but I've never lost my faith in my Lord, and I've always given Him thanks for everything.....God does everything in His timing for His purpose, and I know He's not finished working wonders in my life, I know He'll be there for you all too. Thank you for always listening everyone.....
    In His Love,
    Jessica (jgonzalez_2@charter.net)
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    Thanks for sharing this story. It gives all hope to know there are people out there (like this dentist) that really do care about there fellow man/woman kind! It sounds like you experienced your own Angel yesterday.

    Blessings to you and your family,