God Help Me! My worst flare ever!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by browneyes259, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. browneyes259

    browneyes259 New Member

    I can't take it anymore. The pain just seems to get worse and worse and worse. I HATE taking perscription pain meds (OTC's don't help), but I do when I absolutely have too. I know, stubborn!

    Well, today I broke down at work, in private of course, that's just me. Have taken 2 Lortab's since 9am and have used my Stadol nasal spray twice and I just can't take anymore.

    All the strength I have is gone, the end of my rope is seriously frayed right now. I HATE feeling vulnerable, and sad, and having to worry people will think I'm a junkie. Today I decided I don't care. I still followed dosage recommendations for my scripts, but I actually stopped feeling guilty about needing them.

    I see my dr on Thursday and am going to ask about anything else we can do. It's getting so bad I can't function. I work full-time. I have too function!

    But now I'm worried that this dr (FFC) even thought they are great will get suspicious of my usage. I just feel like I can't win any way I go.


    Sorry to vent on all. I've never been this bad and really needed a shoulder. The use of my hubby's today was limited time period (butt head!).

    Barely Hangin' In There,
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  2. CarolK

    CarolK New Member

    There are lots of good SHOULDERS here!! So cry on!! We all need to "let it go" now and then... I think that is very thereputic!!

    I think we need to cry and tell others of how we feel... it's a good way to release some of our pain, anger and frustration at this darn disease! We have all been there!

    But don't give up Jen!! Even on your worst day, KNOW THAT THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE!! I have felt like this soooooo many times... even to the point of .."God, take me off this planet"!! But somehow, someway He gives me the will to go on and hope for better days!! Hang on Jen... never give up, never quit hoping that there are some good days ahead!!

    So go ahead and cry and feel free to post your emotions here, knowing that just about everyone here DOES KNOW WHAT YOU ARE FEELING AND WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH.... somehow there is comfort in that.

    {{{{soft and gentle hugs}}}} to you Jen!
  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i just read the post before yours about taking some stuff called traumeel...maybe you can get some today. sounds promising. i'm ging to look for some myself..

    try the old epson salt bath and called doctor if you can..

    remember you will survive!

    and also i like excedrine migraine seems to help some for the flares as well..


  4. browneyes259

    browneyes259 New Member

    carolK, jodieplace & kgangel--Thanks you so much for your shoulders, compassion and advice. I have my 2nd appt at the FFC tomorrow afternoon and w/ ask @ trying the thraumeel. Have never heard of it but will get his opinion on trying that. Also going to ask about the Epsom/Peroxide baths. I already do just the Epsom, but some said Peroxide can hurt some so I'm checking on that too.

    I think I am going to call this am too though just to let them know ahead what's going on with me pain-wise.

    I appreciate you all posting so late. I did manage to get about 2 hrs before I had to get up for work. Better than nothing.

    God Bless and Good Pain-Free Days To You ALL,
  5. patches25

    patches25 New Member

    Jen, I hope you get some help from the FFC appt tomorrow. Also, don't most of the people who go there say they feel worse before they get better? Maybe soon you will be turning the corner and feeling better. Hang in there!

    Do you think that the season is making you feel worse? My sister-in-law and I both have been in terrible flares in the past couple of weeks that have been really hard to deal with. Maybe all the barametric pressure changes.

    Don't feel guilty about using the medications that you need. That's what they are for. The post put on this site by chris350 "How do I get everyone access to this article" on 05/03/05 really helped me to understand pain issue more. If you haven't read it maybe you could print it off, curl up in bed under some soft blankets and read it.

    Good luck on your appt. Sending a gentle hug and hoping you will feel better soon. E.

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