God is always in control

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    A man from Norfolk, VA called a local radio station to share
    >>>>regarding September 11th, 2003. His Name was Robert Matthews. These are
    >>>>his words.
    >>>> "A few weeks before September 11th, my wife and I found out we were
    >>>>going to have our first child. She planned a trip out to California to
    >>>>visit her sister. On our way to the airport, we prayed that God would
    >>>>grant my wife a safe trip and be with her.
    >>>> Shortly after I said amen, we both heard a loud pop and the car shook
    >>>>violently. We had blown out a tire. I replaced the tire as quickly as I
    >>>>could, but we still missed her flight. Both very upset, we drove home.
    >>>> I received a call from my father who was retired NYFD. He asked what
    >>>>my wife's flight number was, but I explained that we missed the flight.
    >>>> My father informed me that her flight was the one that crashed into
    >>>>the southern tower. I was too shocked to speak. My father also had more
    >>>>news for me. He was going to help. He said, "This is not something I
    >>>>can't just sit by for. I have to do something."
    >>>> I was concerned for his safety, of course, but more because he had
    >>>>never given his life to Christ After a brief debate, I knew his mind
    >>>>was made up. Before he got off of the phone, he said, "Take good care
    >>>>of my grandchild." Those were the last words I ever heard my father
    >>>>say. He died while helping in the rescue effort.
    >>>> My joy that my prayer of safety for my wife had been answered
    >>>>quickly became anger. I was angry at God, at my father, and at myself.
    >>>>I had gone for nearly two years blaming God for taking my father away.
    >>>>My son would never know his grandfather, my father had never accepted
    >>>>Christ, and I never got to say goodbye.
    >>>> Then something happened. About two months ago, I was sitting at
    >>>>home with my wife and my son, when there was a knock on the door. I
    >>>>looked at my wife, but I could tell she wasn't expecting anyone. I
    >>>>opened the door to a couple with a small child. The man looked at me
    >>>>and asked if my father's name was Jake Matthews. I told him it was.
    >>>> He quickly grabbed my hand and said, "I never got the chance to
    >>>>meet your father, but it is an honor to meet his son."
    >>>> He explained to me that his wife had worked in the World Trade
    >>>>Center and had been caught inside after the attack. She was pregnant
    >>>>and had been caught under debris. He then explained that my father had
    >>>>been the one to find his wife and free her.
    >>>> My eyes welled up with tears as I thought of my father giving his
    >>>>life for people like this. He then said, "There is something else you
    >>>>need to know."
    >>>> His wife then told me that as my father worked to free her, she
    >>>>talked to him and led him to Christ.
    >>>> I began sobbing at the news. Now I know that when I get to Heaven,
    >>>>my father will be standing beside Jesus to welcome me, and that this
    >>>>family would be able to thank him themselves.
    >>>> When their baby boy was born, they named him Jacob Matthew in honor
    >>>>of the man who gave his life so that mother and baby could live.
    >>>> This story should help us to realize two things. First that God is
    >>>>always in control. We may not see the reason behind things, and we may
    >>>>never know this side of Heaven, but God is always in control.
    >>>> And second is that though it has been several years since the
    >>>>attacks, we should never let it become a mere tragic memory.
    >>>> Please take time to share this amazing story with those you love.
    >>>> You may never know the impact it may have on someone.
    >>>> God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called.
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    I copied it to share with my family......thanks, Elliespad.
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    We have a tongue in cheek saying on this board that God has a lot of splainin' to do when we can't figure out what in the world is going on in our lives. I guess God splained pretty well to this family.

    Thank you for sharing that. It is a powerful story.

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    Very touching. Gave me chills.

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    Better late than never.
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    This really touched me and just wanted to thank you, Elliespad, for posting it. I was feeling quite sad today because of various events and I really needed a reminder that God is in control.

    Thank again,