God is never too late

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    Debbie's post about Lazarus showed that God is never too late. Thank you so much for remembering me that truth! How many times we wonder why our life is a constant struggle of waiting. And I know that we have to learn patience until the very last breath of our life.
    After several months of depression, tests and waiting for results my husband has been diagnosed with MS. Now we wait to know what treatment to apply. The how long, why and still more cross our minds too often. Being myself disabled with FM etc. we are afraid. Our 23 y.o. still at home student son is back in puberty.
    Times when you really feel like hanging over the pit. It's so great to be encouraged by this board, where I come often to read your prayers when I'm downcast. How wonderful that the Holy Spirit is even working through the internet. Please keep us in your prayers as we will stay with you. Thank you all very much and may God bless you abundantly.
    Best wishes Ruth from Switzerland