God is so good....

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    Would like to say this is a praise report about Jason, not yet, but, about his cousin. His cousin was doing so much crack that he was on the streets. Lost his wife and kids and job and home. He spent quite some time walking the streets of Detroit in a drug induced stupor with his lips cracked and drooling on himself from using so much. His mother is a praying woman also and loves the Lord and I know had others petitioning heaven... (his father died a couple of years ago from years of drugs and alchohol)

    The good news is that he has cleaned himself up. Stopped all the drugs, working again and is back with his wife and children trying hard to stay clean and keep his victory. Praise the Lord!

    My weekend was one of prayers answered... I had been praying for God to send me someone to help me with alot of the things around here that I just can't do because of my health.... my youngest son and his wife and three kids came up (live four hours from each other) for the weekend and did soooooooo much work for me and with the greatest of attitudes.... what a blessing! Didn't know who God was going to send me.... just knew God is always there for me, somehow.

    When they come to see me they also understand that I can't take care of anyone.... can barely take care of myself... they cook they clean up etc... house is cleaner when they leave than when they come and I get to enjoy having them here. They understand if I have to lay down or can't walk so good etc.... was not always like this.... few years ago they thought I was just lazy, prayer changes things, stuff happened and now they understand.... God is so good.

    Jason... somehow, someway

    Love, hugs and prayers, Karen

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    I so very much enjoyed reading all the blessings you have shared here with us. It is wonderful to have the house cleaned good for a change isn't it? It gives us a big lift and a wonderful feeling to see total order again.

    God Bless your children for their kindness toward you.

    Am so very happy to hear about the young man that is getting his life back together. God is great, and prayers are being answered in a big way for you and yours.

    Jason is next, the Lord is faithful when we prayer within His will, and we know its His will that Jason be completely himself again.

    Will continue to keep that young man in my prayers, and agree with you for this urgent need for him.

    Again, thanks for sharing with us, it is so uplifting to hear what wonders the Lord has done..............

    Shalom, Shirl
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    Thank you for sharing this with us Karen. I am so happy for you. I will continue praying for Jason. Who knows maybe the cousin will be the one who can get to Jason. I hope you will have a wonderful week. Love, mama
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    It is truly a blessing when someone like your youngest son and family does such a wonderful things as they did for you. I know your heart must have been filled with love for them. We all here willl continue to pray for Jason and yourself and I know the Lord will lay his healing hand on Jason and fil him with the spirit. Just remember, that the Lord does these miracles on his schedule, so dont give up hope. May God bless you.